Weekend Shenanigans - Happy Fourth of July!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Whenever July 4th comes I am flooded with so many memories.  I think of loading up the car with snacks and blankets and heading to the fairgrounds to watch fireworks as a family.  Neighborhood block parties, cookouts and fireworks on the golf course also come to mind during the holiday.  But this year I had to laugh to myself as I texted my best friends back home and wished them a happy holiday because once upon a time we spent this entire weekend enjoying crazy times at the sand bar in Lake Wawasee, only to end the night with a wild time at The Frog.

Oh how times have changed.

We took the family to the parade in town just like we did last year.  The weather was sunny but boy it was hot!  As I turned on my camera my heart sank when I realized that I left my SD card in the computer at home.  This pregnancy brain is no joke people.  But I was able to snap a few pics, not the quality I wanted but a few.  The parade was great this year.  We actually left before it was over because it definitely was longer than usual.  However, Cohen made out like a bandit in the candy department and Lola made the local newspaper shaking her booty to the bands and music passing her by.  It was a successful parade for all I would say!

We stopped by my cousins' house to cool down with lunch and a quick swim.  Then we headed home for naps and more showers because after that parade I was a hot sweaty mess.  Later in the evening we hit up the local Fourth of July festival in the downtown park.  This was the first year we attended it since moving here three years ago and it was so much fun!  The events and vendors were spread out all over the park and into the high school parking lot.  Cohen got to participate in a fun obstacle course and slide his little heart out on the bouncy slide.  Both kids enjoyed the atmosphere and music as they ate their Chick Fil-A nuggets.  Kurtis, Sophie and I also got to sit and eat our hearts out with some Walking Tacos and Nachos.  I may have paid for that with heartburn later in the night but damn, it was so good.  Later that night Kurtis took Sophie and Cohen to watch the fireworks.  I'm hoping next year Lola will be able to stay up and make it because I know she'd love it.

But another July 4th has passed which means for me, school is quickly approaching.  My first day back is July 30th.  This school year will be bittersweet because of so many changes that are happening this year.  But I won't think about it and enjoy the final few weeks I have with these stinkers because next summer there will be THREE OF THEM.
Oh snap.


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  1. The pregnancy brain is no joke! Sounds like you had a great holiday!