Weekend Shenanigans - Italiano!

Monday, July 13, 2015

After an ENTIRE week of rain, we FINALLY saw some sun on Saturday.  I'm pretty sure the entire state of Indiana welcomed it with open arms too.  We spent all day Saturday enjoying the warm and sunny weather outside while Kurtis decided to install hardwood floors inside.  Trust me when I say that I am extremely grateful for a husband who is handy at housing trades.  However, I told him to please consult me next time he decides to partake in these extensive home improvement projects because in order to make it happen this mama needs to be able to drink.  Not joking.  Did I mention he also took out our old counter tops, installed a new sink and prepped our kitchen for granite?  Imagine the mess, clutter, and extreme terror from Lola's face every time he turned on a saw.
Now do you see why I needed to drink?

Cohen has been a little turd lately.  I say that in a nice, turdish way but the kid is dying for the structure of school.  We play hard and with the lack of nap he just can't handle the day.  So we had these glorious plans to attend the Italian Fest at the church down the road but the turd behaviors were a little questionable.  After a major meltdown and some Come to Jesus discussions, we headed to the Italian Fest to eat and play our hearts out.  We dined on lasagna and pizza before heading to the land of (soggy) bounce houses.  The set up was perfect because they are sectioned off into age groups.  Lola bounced her little heart out and won the love and admiration of one of the volunteers.  Cohen jumped like a madman and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the evening.   We played a few games and then grabbed two elephant ears the size of my head to enjoy on the way home.  I'm pretty sure the wagon was covered with as much cinnamon as the elephant ear.  After baths to wash away the day's dirt, both kids quickly snuggled into bed.  But not before Cohen and I laid in his bed and opened his curtains to watch the fireworks show the church puts on at the end of the festival.  I told him he was super lucky to be able to have a comfy cozy seat for the grand finale.

Sunday was supposed to rain but the sun decided to stay awhile, so we enjoyed the park, bike rides and I busted out my favorite kiddy pool.  By the evening my patience with the home improvement clutter was wearing thin but I'm quite proud of my resistance to hormonally overreact.  

Another weekend of summer is gone which means another weekend closer to the start of school.
I'm sighing about this one.  Heavily.


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