Baby #3 - 30 Weeks

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Let me preface this post with two important (and obvious) announcements:
1.  My husband needs some serious photography lessons.  And your "I'm too tired to take a picture" nonsense is well, bullshit.

2.  I need to stop taking these pictures at 9:00 after a full day of work.

 I feel like when you hit the 30 week mark it seems pretty monumental.  I'm down to my two week doctor visits which made everything feel just a little bit more real.  I know, you're thinking, "How can you be pregnant and not feel like this is NOT real?"  Well people, trust me.  You can.  Now that the wood floors have been laid and the granite placed, I have pushed my husband upstairs to get going on the bedrooms.  I've been selling all of Cohen's clothes as I clean out his closet to prepare his move to his new room and Kurtis made me have a bit of a panic attack today.  He thought it would be funny if "she" really was a "he" instead.  My reply was that he will really enjoy his gray and pink mermaid themed room then - because I won't change it.  Speaking of mermaid room I scored my mermaid lamp for half off -- holla!  

I also got Lola a super cute pink duvet cover from Pottery Barn.  Once the rooms are painted and rearranged I'll share those projects.  This week's goal is to paint at least Baby Girl's room since Kurtis took three days off this week.  I have decided to head back to work for just two months until Baby arrives and take the rest of the year off.  I have a pretty good class so I feel fairly comfortable leaving them to my sub.  My goal this year is to not have my water break at school though...

Here's what's been happening lately!
Due date:  October 12th - I just told Kurtis I was ready for Fall.  He laughed and thought I was joking.  I wasn't. 

Gender: Team Pink At least I hope so.  Now Kurtis has me worried... As far as a name I thought we had one picked out and then the husband changed his mind.  But don't worry, he will change his mind back because I have pretty much envisioned this baby as this name.

How do I feel? I'm started to get Braxton Hicks more often and they last longer.  I also cannot breathe until I'm standing up or sitting completely straight.  Then my feet get tired and I have to sit.  I know, #fattyproblems.  Since going back to work I've been too exhausted to not sleep so if I do wake up to one of the kids, I have no problems falling right back to sleep.  Waking up to an alarm sucks.

Cravings/Aversions? Beer.  Champs.  Beer.  But food in general has been giving me heartburn, something I never really had before.  Maybe that means I will birth a child with hair this time around?

How do my clothes fit?  I have like six work outfits I on a rotating schedule.  I refuse to buy anything now because once I have this baby I'm selling all of my maternity clothes anyways.  Luckily I can live in dresses and maxi skirts so I'm hoping this will be the norm until she arrives.  
Sleep:  The restless legs still are around but those damn Charlie horse cramps too!  I had one Friday morning and my leg hurt until Sunday. 

Movement: All I feel are feet or elbows I think.  She kicks to the right side of me constantly and doesn't usually want to let up.  I had a panic moment where one day she was really quiet and I contemplated calling the doctor.  The next day she was whipping and nae naeing in there.

My Exercise Routine: I can not express how much I love my Barre Amped video.  I can do a workout before bed or if I feel really motivated I'll wake up and do one.  But that is very rare these days.  We also go on walks in the evenings so I'm still getting some exercise. 

Tomorrow I head to the doctor to get on a scale and cry.  Then it's really the end of the road from here.  I'll have 2 more two week appointments before I start my once a week once.  Oh Lord, help me because here we go!


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