Friday Night Lights...On a Saturday Morning

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

As summer begins to fade and fall slowly makes the way in, I'm once again reminded of another year that is passing us by just like that.  We are just weeks away from turning into a Party of 5 and let's be real here, I'm holding on to every string of denial that I can.  Not because I'm not excited - I really am excited to venture into the newborn world one final time.  But more so because I am struggling with the thought that my family is growing up and I'm not sure that it's fair.  Mr. Cohen will be 5 in less than two months.
He's in Pre-K this year and already soaking it all up like a little sponge.  I couldn't be prouder of him.  But this fall we decided to get him into some organized activities because the kid is all boy.  He needs to be busy 24-7.  Plus I wanted him to meet some kids his own age that he may recognize when he heads of to Kindergarten next year.  

So what did we decide on?

Flag football my friends.

And guess what else is so amazing about this situation?
His dad is his coach too.

My heart has been so full watching the two of them leave for practice despite the one evening of tears and frustrations from both ends.  But last Saturday was their first game and I don't think I could have smiled anymore watching the two of them work together with their team.  I was a bit nervous at first because Cohen's attention span is the size of a flea's.  But my worries were quickly smashed when he was passed the ball for the first play of the game and ran it down like a little lightning bolt to score his team's first touchdown.  Even though he was technically supposed to pass it off to another kid, Cohen was determined to score and that he did -- TWICE!!!  He played some great defense ripping off those flags and worked like a champ with his teammates passing off the ball to let them score touchdowns too.  Kurtis was a great coach too making sure all the kids got the ball and played together.  Lola and I enjoyed cheering them on from the sidelines and I'm so excited for this Saturday's game to see how much they have improved!

So here's my warning now.  Be prepared to have your feed blown up with adorable football pictures over the next 8 weeks.  

I'm taking my big lens next week...


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