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Sunday, August 30, 2015

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It has been a few years now since my sister and brother in law have moved down to Indianapolis.  We love having more family close by and being able to spend time together.  The best part has been the frequent afternoon cookouts and dinner dates.  Since I only have one sister, I really appreciate everything she has done for us and love knowing they are just a short car ride away!  Plus the kids love their aunt and uncle beyond words.

My sister has also bent over backwards helping us out with basically anything we have needed.  I'm serious.   She is so incredibly crafty.  From home cooked meals to making new curtains for Lola's room to even sewing a new canopy for the play set - her creative hands have gone above and beyond for us.  Her husband is just as savvy but more in the technology area.  He's always helping me make quick fixes to the blog or he's busting out his handy tools to change watch batteries.  Once he took the world's smallest screwdriver and unjammed a wind-up toy that saved us all from a major toddler meltdown.  I seriously have the best family ever.  But the past month has been busy for both of us.  They took off on a few trips with friends and I started back up at work for the new school year, so we haven't seen each other in awhile.  I decided it was time to invite them over for dinner next weekend.  My sister always seems to have little gifts for me when we get together but this time I wanted to do something for them.  I found a bunch of their favorite little gadgets and decided I would send them home with some goodies for a change.  Basically whenever I saw something that reminded me of them both, I grabbed it.  And then I ended up with an entire gift basket to share with them.


My sister is a master in the kitchen and loves to try out new recipes.  I snagged a few fun kitchen items since you can never have enough gadgets in your drawers.  We have an amazing Farmer's Markets so I also grabbed her some great produce that I knew she would find a way to use in a new meal.  I threw in a new apron that I found on clearance a few months ago and forgot all about!

My brother in law is a craft beer lover so when I saw this glass I knew it had his name written all over it.  A beer opener at the bottom?  Hello and thank you!  I also found some local craft beers on sale that tied nicely into his glass.

Now the last time they were here, my brother in law had just purchased an electronic cigarette to try out.  Kurtis and I are not smokers but the whole technology being this invention is actually quite fascinating!  I started reading up on how they work and came across blu PLUS+ e-Cigs.  It's a rechargeable e-cig that uses a blu flavor tank.  It lasts longer, you get more flavor and has easy-to-use charging options.  Plus the price for the Xpress Kit is only $14.99 and right now you get a free pack of Tanks included with the kit for that price, which is normally a $30 value.

Here is how the blu PLUS+ works:

1.  Start by charging your blu PLUS+ battery.  The Xpress Kit includes a USB charger for easy charging basically anywhere!

2.  Remove the sticker and small blue cap at the end of the Tank.  Attach your blu Tank to your battery - it should twist right in.

3.  Press the blu PLUS+ to your lips and take a puff!

4.  There is a blue LED light at the end of the blu PLUS+ that will glow when it is working correctly.  Then you know you can sit back and enjoy it!

I purchased my brother-in-law an Xpress Kit and a set of Vanilla Tanks.  (The blu website offers tons of different flavors and nicotine strengths that you can only get online.  Did I mention there's free shipping when you order online too and more discount offers?)  I'm excited to see how he likes his blu PLUS+ as well as his opinion on the whole technology behind it!  It seems super handy and convenient, especially for people with an on-the-go lifestyle!

Now that I have spent the majority of my time planning this fun gift basket, I completely forgot to plan the dinner menu.  Any suggestions?  Bueller?  Bueller?


Check out the blu PLUS+ Xpress Kit bundle with a free pack of Tanks for just $14.99 - only available while supplies last!

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  1. Wow, what a fun gift! I hope your brother-in-law really enjoyed it! #client