Weekend Shenanigans - August is Here

Monday, August 3, 2015

This weekend was absolutely glorious.  It was the last weekend before school started full time as well as the first weekend we've had dad around the entire time.  Saturday was gorgeous!  We spent the morning at the pool and then grilled out for dinner.  One of my favorite summer things has been our evening walks that end with popsicles on the front porch.  It has become somewhat of a tradition that everyone looks forward to at the end of the night.  These two, I tell you.  Lola is kind of obsessed with her brother if you can't tell.

Sunday was gorgeous too, but much warmer.  Lola took a spill trying to climb on her doll stroller and gave herself quite the gash next to her eye.  Luckily it only bled for a little bit, but the scab and bruise make it look much worse and actually quite badass-ish.  We decided to burn some energy at the splash pad before nap time.  Cohen was all over the place making friends that I couldn't get any pictures of him.  Lola made quite the stink when I refused to let her play on the hot playground which was our queue to head home.  The three hour afternoon nap was fabulous may I add.

It is crazy how fast the weekends go by now and how precious the time seems.  Kurtis took off three days this week to stay home with the kiddos so I'll be enjoying his take on being a SAHM.  Can you tell how much we love having Dad home with us?

Here's to hoping the week goes by fast and I'm not in bed by 5:00 on Friday evening.
One of those is bound it happen.
And I'll give you one guess which one.


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