Bambina #3 - Week 38

Monday, September 28, 2015

 I would be lying if I told you I was hoping that I wouldn't have to write this post and I could update with a beautiful picture of our baby.

Joke's on me folks.

Even a Blood Moon can't make this kid come out sooner than she wants to - she must be pretty cozy all up in there.
I decided now that I'm going to fully enjoy these last two-ish weeks until she comes and stop trying to think that she'll be early because when I do that, of course she will come late.  I have four days left with my sweet class which means only four more days of work for the year.
Life is about to get crazy here soon so I might as well enjoy the semi-peace and quiet, right?

Here are a few updates with our Little Lady:
Due date:  October 12th - I'm officially 38 weeks.  My birthday is Thursday and Cohen's is Monday, so please Bambina, come on any of the other days or else you will have to share your special day with someone.  Just saying...
Gender: Team Pink I have washed her blankets, burpies and clothes but need to get more hangers.  #girlproblems  As for a the name I think we might have a winner!
How do I feel? For the last three weeks I have had this horrible cough.  Like hacking up a lung, I think I'm going to puke and I just peed my pants from coughing so hard kind of cough.  I'm on round two of antibiotics and am almost done with this second round.  So far, the cough is still here and the only thing these meds did this time was kill my stomach.  Brushing my teeth in the morning is absoluetly brutal and I'm pretty sure Kurtis is afraid my water will break at my gagging spells.  However, I'm hoping to kick it here soon so I can feel a bit more normal for labor.  Well, as normal as labor can get.  The contractions are more often and becoming more apparent.  I've also started progressing some so only time will tell now!

Cravings/Aversions? Ever since I started this round of antibiotics, food hasn't been too appealing.  Anything in the salad family is good but the Pumpkin Roll I scored from the apple orchard on Sunday (and may be gone already, oops) is also quite appealing.  Beer, however, still earns my #1 craving slot.

How do my clothes fit?  I'm afraid to wear a skirt or dress in the case my water breaks like it did last time.  Can you see the look of fright of twenty-two seven year olds as water comes gushing down my legs?  Yeah, not it.  My plan is to secretly dress up my yoga pants these last four days.  I'll let you know how that one works.

Sleep:  Coughing fits followed by pure exhaustion have brought back the worst case of the Restless Legs.  I'm dying to sleep on my stomach again, even if I know my boobs will be engorged but oh my sweet stomach sleeping how I have missed you!

Movement: She's head down with her feet in my ribs.  And then I'll feel jabs to the right or left side.  I'm pretty sure there isn't much room in there which is another indication that it is time to come meet us, Little Girl.

My Exercise Routine: Ever since I got sick, I've been a stale cracker in this department.  We will go on walks as a family but life has been sucking it all out of me.  The number on the scale has remained consistent so I'm okay with it.  I am dying to get out for a good run though in these amazing temperatures.

Here is to my last week of work and the big 32nd birthday this week.  I plan on treating myself to a much needed pedicure as well as making sure my husband is well aware that it is indeed my birthday week.   

Let's also cross our fingers Baby Girl wants to come meet us soon too.


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