Life Lately with a Three Day Weekend

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lately things have been busy.  I'm a firm believer that this is God's way of reminding me how crazy our life is about to become in 4.5 short weeks.  I also have this haunting feeling that it is a subtle reminder to get my ass in gear and finish up with the pre-baby preparations.  This past weekend was a fabulous three day weekend spent without any plans and a husband that didn't have to work.  The weather was hot and humid, which made it perfect to spend the afternoons at the pool and the extra day was just what I needed to clean about 75% of my house.  Plus indoor dinner picnics with our favorite Disney movies is always what the doctor orders!

*Can we just make a side note that every weekend should be a three day weekend?  I guarantee the world would be a happier place with less people burnt out in their careers.  Just saying...*

Since Kurtis procrastinated the painting of the nursery for the thirty-fifth weekend in a row, I made him climb into the attic and get out the tubs of baby clothes.  Baby Girl now has clothes but still needs a bed, room, bottles, pacifiers and probably some diapers.  Okay, now I totally believe there is a truth to this third baby syndrome.  But luckily love prevails and even if she is swaddled in Cohen's old shirts, she will be loved.  And that's all that matters.

Did I mention that Cohen got into a bar fight this weekend?
Okay, just kidding.  But he basically was tackled by the neighbor girl in a game of Hide and Seek.  He has quite the shiner now and the whole reason he was crying was because he wanted to go back outside and play.  Boy problems fo shiz.

Tomorrow is Thursday.
I also have another morning of professional development tomorrow which is nice because I can actually sit for more than five minutes, but also stressful because there are parent calls to be made and plans for the upcoming week that need to be planned.  And I need to start preparing for my maternity leave sub.  This is when a beer would come in handy.  Which just reminded me that I need to go scoop up a case of Summer Shandy before it turns into Pumpkin Shandy. 
Kroger, don't be doing away with my Summer Shandy until I get just one case to devour the first week post-birth.

Happy Hump Day my friends!


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