Saturday Morning Lights - A Weekly Recap

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I'm starting to really enjoy my role as "Football Mom" this year.  While Kurtis has decided that next year he will enjoy his position encouraging from the sidelines rather than coaching, I think it was a great experience for the two of them.  Saturday our team drew the short straw and got to be first for team 7:45 a.m.  Luckily the opposing team was also early so the kids got an earlier start on the game which helped lessen the wait time.  Last week's game was an interesting one.  I told another dad from my team that I'm pretty sure I felt like we were going through the movie "The Waterboy" and unfortunately we were those underdogs.  It was one of those times I wanted to remind the parents that it's just flag football so let them have fun.  It was also one of those moments in which I wanted to march my teacher voice out there and remind the other team sternly that there is NO TACKLING IN FLAG FOOTBALL.  I'm sure my mean face would come with that one too.  Our team felt the pressure and quickly crumbled.  Cohen wasn't feeling it this week and one minute he was into it and playing, and the next he was trying to do back flips in the middle of the field.  I could tell Kurtis was getting a little frustrated but I quickly reminded him that they are just 4, 5 and 6 - even if everyone else didn't see that.  He has said from the beginning that everyone on his team will play and his goal is to get the kids to love the game first before they need to get all serious about it.  I'd say that's quite a great philosophy.  I'm also not just saying this but our kid is good.  Give him the ball and he'll score.  Once again he scored two touchdowns and even shouted a "Boom baby!" after his first one.  (Don't worry, Dad quickly squashed that one.)  Despite his lack of focus, it is quite apparent that he is more an offensive player rather than defensive, which is totally fine because he's a petite one to begin with anyways.

I really love these Saturday mornings.  I think Lola is too.  For now at least.


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