A Letter to Lola, the Soon to Be Big Sis

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Oh Sweet Baby Lola,
Even though you are no longer a baby and there will soon be a new, fresh little one to take on that role, you will still be our Baby Lola.  You are full of sugar, spice and lots of sass and I have loved watching your little personality grow over these last 23 months.  Lately you have turned into such a Mama's girl and quite frankly, I'm just fine with that.

I think you will eat up the role as Big Sister.  The second I got out the baby essentials, you were putting your babies in them and singing them lullabies in your precious little voice.  A girly girl you are, you love to feed, rock and sush your babies.  While I'm not sure how you will handle the attention that Mom will have to give to Sissy, you sure will have no problems giving me a hand at taking care of her.

My sweet Lola Girl you know how to make your dad and I laugh.  Lately you bust out this amazing Stink Eye, which really shouldn't be funny but sure cracks everyone up - including your brother.  I also have no fear that you will be able to protect yourself as you clearly have shown this feisty side when it comes to defending yourself again Cohen.  While I'm not condoning the fact that you are hitting, I am letting you know that when you tell Cohen to stop and he keeps going, I will turn the other way as you pull his hair.

Miss Lola, I have a bit of guilt bringing this baby into the world just a wee bit earlier than anticipated because I didn't want to rush your growing up time.  However, it has worked out for the better considering I get to spend the entire next year with you at home.  I wasn't sure how I could love somebody as much as your brother but you have proved me wrong.  My heart has just doubled in size for the two of you.

I'm excited to see you as a big sister.  I love you my sweet little girl!


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