Baumgartners, Party of 5 - Remy's Birth Story

Saturday, October 24, 2015

I've almost made it two weeks as a mom of three and I haven't even had my first beer yet.  
What is wrong with me?!!?
I'm blaming it on the lack of sleep and the roller coaster of my hormones right now.
So how did Miss Remy decide to make her debut?  Well, it was a quick one that's for sure.  It started on October 12th when I went in for my 40 week appointment.  Cohen had started his first day in his new Pre-K class so it was just me and Lola Girl all day long.  Kurtis came home early so I could get to my appointment - the appointment I had made and thought, "Surely I won't be needing this one."
Again folks, the joke's on me.
At my OB there are like ten doctors that you rotate through so you really don't know who will deliver your baby unless you are scheduled for a c-section or induction with a specific doctor.  Cohen and Lola were both delivered by the same doctor so I was so hopeful he would be three for three with my little family.  We had joked for the previous three appointments how I needed to hurry up because he would be on vacation soon until November.  I mean of course I was going to go early - I was dilated and Baby Girl was low and ready to go!  But again, the joke was on me as 40 weeks approached, Dr. Teter headed off for vacation and I was STILL pregnant.  My appointment was with a doctor I hadn't seen since I was pregnant with Cohen - Dr. Del.  But I forgot how much I really liked her as I was meeting with her that day.  She checked me and asked what I wanted to do.  I looked at her and said, "Can you induce me tomorrow?" and was half joking.  She looked at her schedule and said, "Sure thing - see you at 6!"
Wam. Bam. Thank you mam.
I anxiously called my mom who was going to come watch the kids for the two days we were at the hospital.  I lucked out that day as she had forgotten her phone at home before she left for work.  So I started texting with my dad.  Here's how the conversation went:
Me: Hey - I'm getting induced tomorrow morning at 6.  Do you want to come here tonight?  
Dad: What does induced mean?
Me: Slapping hand to forehead.  I'll just call mom at work.

My parents came down that night and Kurtis and I made sure to finish packing everything.  This time we would be prepared, unlike we were with Lola.  I mean, I'm sure Kurtis loved nothing more than my mom packing his underwear in a suitcase for him last time...
The night was surreal and I got a little weepy as I put the kids to bed thinking this was the last time I'd do it as a family of four.  I didn't sleep real well as it hit me that I was going to have a baby the next morning.

Kurtis and I woke up at the butt crack of dawn and made it to the hospital at 6 on the dot.  I thought I had done all of my paperwork online but apparently I had to do it again when I got there.  As they took us into labor and delivery, the night nurses were getting ready to end their shift so we were told they'd start the pitocin at the shift change.  So I took a mini nap and settled in my beautiful hospital gown to wait for the impending delivery of our sweet girl!
The nurse came in around 7:15 and started the pitocin.  She was my age and the sweetest girl I've ever met.  I told her I wanted an epidural and we thought it'd be good to get one when the contractions started to get stronger.  At about 7:45, Dr. Del came in and broke my water.  At that time I wasn't feeling any contractions so I said we could wait a bit for the epidural - someone remind me next time how that is a horrible idea.  At 8:30, the nurse came in said the anesthesiologist was going in for a c-section and when he was finished in an hour, he'd come get my epidural started.  I was totally okay with that because at the time my contractions were few and far in between and I really wasn't in any pain.
Now let's fast forward about 30 minutes.
The contractions came out of nowhere and I was cursing like a sailor.  I looked at Kurtis and told him I wasn't sure I'd make it until 9:30.  My sweet husband let me squeeze the shit out of his hand for each contraction and kept telling me he'd be there anytime.  Then, 15 minutes later, I knew I was in trouble because I called for the puke tray and told him to get the nurse because there was some serious pressure going on.  The next 10 minutes were a blur of pain with nurses, doctors and the anesthesiologist running in and out of my room.  I'd be lying if I said I'm not embarrassed as to how I handled this pain but holy balls, this was no joke.  It was like a scene out of the movies - the nurse was asking me if I wanted to push, I was crying and screaming for my epidural, the anesthesiologist was rushing to give me some relief and my poor husband,with all of the chaos, turned white as a ghost and had to sit down.

 Sidenote: I apologize to all of the other mothers who were delivering during this time.  I hope I did not scare the daylights out of you.  I'm just glad it wasn't during touring hours...

The epidural kicked in but I was still able to feel when the contractions were coming so I knew when to push.  I pushed for maybe 20 minutes and at 10:12 on 10.13 little miss Remy Elizabeth entered the world.  She was 7 lbs and 11 ounces and a long 20.5 inches.  It was the fastest labor and by far the worst pain I've ever felt in my entire life but I wouldn't trade it in for this sweet little face - I'd just ask for an epidural sooner.  She has settled quite easily into our family and I'm pretty sure everyone is smitten with her precious little face.

Now here's to conquering life as a Mom of 3.
That will be another post my friends.


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