Happy Birthday, Cohen Lee

Monday, October 5, 2015

How are you five?
No, really.
How are you five?

Today we woke up to your sweet voice coming down the stairs singing, "Here comes the Birthday Boy! The Birthday Boy! The Birthday Boy!"  The anticipation of five has been great for you since we recently promoted you to that booster seat you've been dying to have in my car.  After a morning of pancakes and presents, you were so excited to share your treats with your friends at school.  I had to smile as you told each friend this morning, "I'm five today!" with that matter-of-fact look on your face.

Cohen Lee you are the funniest kid I've ever met.  Lately, even in your turd moments, you know how to crack us up.  It seems that I am having to remind Dad lately that you hear EVERYTHING therefore you will REPEAT EVERYTHING.  He's still working on that one.  You have the sweetest, most loving side to you yet you are pretty confident in your role as Annoying Big Brother.  Lola looks up to everything you do and one day I know you will be the best body guard for her and your new baby sister.  I love that you still are my snuggler and will ask me to lay with you and tell you stories every night.  The next few years will be big ones for you and while I'm sad that you are growing up, I'm also excited for the anticipation as to where you plan on taking these moments.  You, my first born, have so much going for you.  Don't ever forget that and remember to seize the moment!  

And I'm really okay with you reminding me when I feel sad that, "It's okay Mom.  I'm still going to be your son."

Love you to the moon and back, Buddy.
Happy 5th Birthday!


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