A Safer and Natural Wipe Option

Sunday, November 8, 2015

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Bringing home a baby is scary enough.  A mom shouldn't have to worry about the scary chemicals and ingredients in different baby products.  With each child, I feel that I have become more aware of what I'm using on my baby's skin as well as how they respond and react to these specific products.  Don't get me wrong, many times I will buy something without thinking about looking at the label.  However, all three of my children have had super sensitive skin as infants.   Both Cohen and Lola would get similar rash type reactions to some of the lotions or washes I would use on them, so I'm not taking any chances with Remy.  Life is chaotic enough trying to tame three kiddos under 5 so I refuse to make it more difficult by adding the complication of skin reactions and issues.  It started the other night as I was feeding Remy and I began reading the label on her wipes.  Seriously, when you can't pronounce some of those words then you know there's an issue.  It kind of creeped me out to think of what I could be using on her precious, new skin.  I knew there was a better and simpler alternative.

I had stopped by Meijer last week after dropping Cohen off at school to grab a few things for the girls.  While browsing the baby aisle, I came across a package of WaterWipes, a chemical free baby wipe that contains just two ingredients - purified water (99.9%) and grapefruit seed extract (0.1%).  WaterWipes are durable and effective wipes that are a safer and natural option for my babies without chemicals or preservatives.  Unlike popular wipe brands, WaterWipes aren't interfolded so the package can maintain a sterile environment - there's no need to move the wipes to another container!  I decided to to grab a few packs to try on Remy as well as Lola during our diaper changing escapades.  

Immediately I was in love with the smell and texture of these wipes.  I loved how WaterWipes felt soft yet did the perfect job of cleaning up the diaper messes.  Often times I will use baby wipes to clean hands and faces after snacks, especially while in the car or on the go.  WaterWipes didn't cause any reactions on either Remy or Lola, so I knew they'd be safe to use on all skin and body parts!  WaterWipes will definitely be traveling with us in the diaper bag to help tame all types of messes that seem to creep up.

As a mom of a new baby and two other small children, it's reassuring to find products that are safe and gentle to use with your family, especially when it is a product that is used multiple times on a daily basis.  I love the fact that WaterWipes only contain two ingredients and offer a chemical free option to cleaning up messes, including the ones made during dirty diaper duty.  It's one less thing I have to worry about in my already busy, crazy life as a mom of three.

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