Halloween 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween brings back so many memories for me.  It makes me think of the nights we'd spend hours trick or treating around our neighborhood.  My cousins would come to town and it would be one of the best weekends of the year.  One year my cousin Skylar hid behind the scarecrow my mom had as decoration on the porch.  When kids would come up for candy, he'd move the arms and make it "talk" which of course creeped everyone out.  One of the kids tried to look behind the scarecrow and somehow didn't see Sky back there.  I've never seen a kid run away so fast and I'm still laughing about that moment 25 years later.

This year Cohen was adamant about being a ninja.  When we went to the store to get his costume, he decided he'd rather be GI Joe instead.  Either way I love being able to let him choose what he wants to be every year.  As fun as a family theme would be, it's just too hard to coordinate when you have a child who knows what he wants.  Miss Lola of course was Anna.  If you asked her she'd refer to herself as Anna-Elsa.  
The weather decided to be semi-decent and we were able to make it out before the rain came.  But by the end of the evening the bags were filled with candy, Cohen had earned his medal in house sprinting and Lola had earned herself a bath for being the stickiest, sucker eating trick or treater on the street.  Remy also earned points for sleeping through the entire thing, but then lost those points as she was up every hour that night.  And I had never been so happy to put on my yoga pants and enjoy an evening fire.

Here's to next year...when Remy can actually dress up.


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