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Monday, November 23, 2015

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I started running after graduating from college.  With the stresses of a new job, new town and basically a new life on my own, I found that running was a healthy way to channel my stress.  Since then I have been an active runner, trying to get in at least 10-15 miles a week.  But being pregnant and running wasn't easy for me.  So with each pregnancy I have had to take a break from running, which as crazy as it may sound, was really hard for me.  After I had Lola I decided to make a goal and train for my first half marathon.  I successfully ran the Indianapolis Mini Marathon six months after she was born.  It was tough trying to find time to train but it was an amazing accomplishment.  I'm proud that I could do it and hopefully inspired other moms to do the same for themselves!

Now I'm in the same boat with Miss Remy.  I was recently cleared by my doctor to gradually start working out again and my heart is so happy!  I decided that I want to start training for the Indy Mini again this spring.  The race is still over six months away so I want to throw a few other races into my training program to help with my training schedule.  With three kids now time is a little scarce if you know what I mean...

The hardest part about the training has been the lack of sleep.  One's body can only endure so many restless nights, even with copious amounts of coffee.  On top of the restless nights my body is still getting used to my exercise regime and my muscles are at an all time soreness.  Remy also caught her first cold at a mere six weeks old, so our nights have been quite a mess.  Luckily Kurtis is off for the week and has offered to help and do a couple of the nighttime feedings.  I may have cried a few (or several) tears of joy.

Last week I had to stock up on baby essentials and I stopped by Walgreens on my way home from grabbing Cohen from school.  After what should have been a ten minute trip that turned into thirty minutes (mom of three problems), I was ready to check out and get home!  But after a week of training, my muscles were still super sore.  I grabbed some Advil to help ease the pain.  Since I knew Kurtis was going to be home this week I grabbed some Advil PM as well because when the pain keeps you up, you need a healing night's sleep!  

I took Kurtis up on his offer last night and this morning I feel like a whole new person!  It was amazing to get more than a three hour stretch of sleep but also not to wake up to super achy muscles.  Even though we got three inches of snow this past weekend the weather forecast is calling for temperatures in the fifties and I'm pumped to get some training runs done outside this week!  We may have added to our family but it's still important that I find balance and get some healthy me time.  For me, that means a run by myself to help me get back to that peaceful state of mind.  I'm excited for my upcoming race next month but I'm also crossing my finger the weather won't be negative temps and snow!

Now off I go!

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  1. Hurray! That's wonderful that you've found such an amazing, healthy way to get me time and help deal with the stress of life. And an even bigger hurray for an amazing hubby and Advil PM give you some much deserved rest! ~ client