My Baby Lovin' Little Girl + Giveaway

Friday, November 20, 2015

One of the best things about being a mom of two little girls is all the girly things.  I'm talking tutus, pink frills and best of all, the obsession with all things baby.  I'm sure the addition of Remy has added to Lola's baby fever, but the little girl has transformed into a little mommy.  It's fun to see her rock her babies, feed them bottles and pat and shush them.  One of my favorite things is how she will copy everything I do when I'm holding Remy.  The other day I was rocking Remy on the couch and I looked over and she was rocking her baby too.  I literally die at the sweetness.

This holiday season I'm excited to add to Lola's baby collection.  One of our first additions to her collection was the Baby Amaze Learn to Talk and Read Baby Doll from VTech.  It is perfect for her age right now and has some great features that will grow with her as she gets older.  

Some of my favorite features include the following:
--Children can actually talk to their baby doll and hear her repeat what they say!  They can also read to her the three vocabulary books that are included that feature over 70 words.  They more they talk, the more the doll will learn and speak!

--There are four activity buttons that activate Talk with Me, Reading, Caring and Music Time modes.

--The baby doll encourages a nurturing role play by asking for her pacifier and bottle, just like a real baby.

It is super sweet how Lola carries her baby doll around.  She loves to feed her a bottle and give her the pacifier.  She doesn't quite understand the talking part yet, but like I said, it will be perfect for her as she grows older and learns more vocabulary herself.  I love how interactive the doll is too, which keeps her entertained longer than her other baby dolls.  Another great feature is the "reset" button so we can reset her and teach her new words all over again.  This was an important feature for us once her brother got his hands on the doll...if you get my drift.  Overall I have to say that the Baby Amaze doll is one of my favorite toys from VTech and I highly suggest this doll as a gift for your baby fever little one this holiday season, which is available only at Toys "R" Us stores and!

Be sure to check out VTech to learn more about the Baby Amaze doll as well as other amazing toys they have to offer for all ages.  Find them on Twitter and Facebook too!

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  1. I loved my beauty shop doll that's hair could grow!

  2. My favorite doll when I was little was my Cabbage Patch doll!

  3. My favorite doll when I was little was my cabbage patch doll! I loved her!

  4. My cabbage patch doll was my favorite

  5. I had a baby doll, not sure what brand it was, but it looked like a real newborn from a distance! My grandma would pick up newborn clothes at garage sales for it. Loved that thing!