Project 52 - Week 45

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2015*

Lately we have been trying to teach this one more independence.  Considering I have three kids to feed, get dressed and out the door before 8:45 three mornings a week, I really need this kid's help.  Some days he's Mr. Independent and will get himself around with no problems.  Other times, more often than usual unfortunately, it's like talking to a brick wall only to get a whiny response.  But I'll win this one...don't you worry.

Time out has been a frequent occurrence lately with Miss Lola.  I feel these Terrible 2's approaching but I also think we may have a bit of Middle Child Syndrome.  But her feelings get hurt quickly when you tell her no and usually by the end of her time out session she will give you a big hug and a sweet little, "Sowee," as we wipe away her tears.

It's like looking at a Baby Cohen I tell you.  This is a rare moment for this chica as she is not a fan of the sleep department like her big sister.  However, the moment she gets in the car she zonks and will stay asleep for a good hour or two.  It's okay though, I've gone through it with one child, I can handle it with this least I pray to God I can.


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