Project 52 - Week 47

Monday, November 30, 2015

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2015*

Cohen is an amazing big brother.  Lately he has grown up so much and has shown how big his heart is when it comes to his sisters.  He will hold Lola's hand when walking out to the car after school or lie by Remy and talk to her when she's grumpy.  Today I looked over and he had picked Remy up, but before I could have a complete heart attack, I noticed his hand was cradling her head and he held her body for support.  He's very observant and while he can still be a turd, he really has taken the reigns when it comes to his role as big brother.

Sweet Lola has grown a tremendous vocabulary lately.  I will hand her something and she responds with, "Thanks, Mom."  Or the other day when Remy was crying she yells, "You're fine, Memy!"  While there are some things that are still a bit hard to understand, she's starting to speak in full sentences and is so fun to have conversations with!

Oh Sweet, Remy, how you look drunk in this picture.  Don't worry, you're still cute as a button but lately I can't get many pictures of you when you aren't crying.  While I truly wish I could hold you all day, every day, but Mama's arms are breaking and I need to get things done too!  I need to remind myself this is only phase and this too shall pass.  But damn girl, I only have 2 Summer Shandys left...


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