Remy Elizabeth -- One Month Update

Friday, November 13, 2015

-one month-

Miss Remy has officially been a part of our family for one month now.  I'd say life has been all about making adjustments for the last four weeks.  My body has quickly accepted the "no sleep" factor and I gladly look forward to that cup of coffee every morning.  This child reminds me more and more of her brother when it comes to her sleeping and eating habits.  Maybe I shouldn't say that out loud because I was hoping she'd fall in line with Lola when it came to the sleep department...

Remy is a classic 3 hour eater -- if she goes longer than that it's only because she's sleeping hard.  We were successfully nursing for about two weeks.  Then she started to get really gassy and fussy and wouldn't latch to my right side very well.  So I'd end up having to pump that side and she'd be hungry because she wasn't getting what she needed.  Turns out, like the other two, I was over producing causing her to get way too much at once.  I made the decision it'd be best if I went back to exclusively pumping, which has really been a bummer for me.  But since I went to just pumping my supply has dropped dramatically and now I feel like I screwed myself.  I've never had this problem but I'm sure I can attribute it to the stress and lack of sleep that is occurring right now.  Okay, so it's not as bad as it could be but it's not as great as it has been with the previous two kiddos.  I'm giving it a few more weeks and if it continues to dwindle I'm not messing with it and I'll switch to formula - which will break my heart..and the bank.  My husband isn't really on board with this one but can someone explain to him that there is no magic milk switch here?

Never, ever tell a mom with more than one child to sleep when the baby sleeps because that statement is a LIE.  Well, unless your kids are older and in school all day then it's not but otherwise it's a blatant lie.  Remy will go down around 8ish and then sleeps maybe four hours before her next feeding.  She will be up once more before she's ready to go for the day, which is usually around 7.  I'd be lying if I said I'm wide awake during these feedings.  I have jolted myself awake a few times when I realize the bottle is halfway down Remy's face and not in her mouth.  But I live for the weekends when my husband gets up in the morning with all the kids and lets me sleep in until at least 9.  I don't care if my boobs feel like they are going to explode, I will take that sleep because without it I know I won't be able to function during the upcoming week.  She's not a big sleeper throughout the day either.  Again, why do I have kids that aren't sleepers when I have always enjoyed a good nap...or three?

Miss Remy is a sweet snuggler though and would let you hold her all day long.  Unfortunately that's not in my cards and it breaks my heart that sometimes she has to cry a little bit longer than I made my other kids because there's one of me and three of them.  I've been using the Bjorn with her, especially in the evenings and my friend is going to let me borrow her Ergo so I hope this will help her feel just a bit more snuggly with me.  The kid has a super strong neck too and loves to be propped up over your shoulder to look around the room.  I've also caught her on her side a few times when I've laid her down on the floor to stretch out. 

This mom of three thing is no walk in the park, that's for sure.  But even though I wake up exhausted most mornings I really do feel so lucky that I get to stay home with my three littles.  Slowly we are getting a routine down, and it can only get easier from here, right? 

I mean I've already survived a month.  Can I get a holla??


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