A Trip to the Children's Museum

Sunday, December 27, 2015

I asked my parents to get the kids a membership to the Indianapolis Children's Museum for Christmas this year.  My children are fortunate enough to have crates and toy boxes and bins filled to the brim with basically every toy imaginable.  Cohen even said to me that he thinks it is time to give some of the toys away to other kids.  I knew this membership was something we would get a ton of use out of and I love the idea of "experience gifts" rather than tangible ones they don't need.  As soon as it came in the mail last week we planned an immediate trip to the museum for the weekend.  There really is so much to do there and the great part about having a membership is I don't feel guilty when we stick to just the PlayScape area all day long and get to nothing else.  Cohen is as the perfect age because he really gets into the museum spirit and loves it with all his heart.  Lola is basically just mesmerized by everything and loves to take it in.  And then there is Remy who is perfectly content just sleeping the time away in the stroller.  I'd have to say this was my favorite gift for the family this year and I'm excited to have another option of fun to do on the days Cohen doesn't have school.

My goal for the museum this year?  Make Lola ride an animal on the carousel without screaming her head off.  The kid was completely content with me holding her as she clapped along to the music and waved to the people all while resting on my hip. I'm telling you people, the kid is a serious diva.


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