Remy - 2 Months

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Remy // 2 months
Weight: 12 lbs 7 ounces 
Height: 23 and 1/4 inches

Girlfriend is a chunk-chunk!  I do guess she is 12 lbs at least, but after her doctor's appointment she let loose out of her diaper and covered me in bright yellow poo.  She had also just ate beforehand so I'm thinking she lost a few ounces after that episode.  Remy is in size 1 diapers (not for long though) and currently wears 0-3 months or 3-6 month clothing.  After looking back at her sister's 2 month update, she has a good pound on her.  However, her brother beat her by over a pound when he was this age!

I'm still pumping for the pumpkin and my supply has basically settled for the most part.  She will take 5 ounces per feeding and eats every 3 hours during the day.  Remy will give me a good 6-8 hour stretch at night before getting her next bottle, and sometimes will only wake up once to eat.  

Boy, last week was a doozy!  But I'm thinking we were going through some kind of growth spurt.  I'm trying to get her on some sort of schedule during the day - at least where we eat, play and then sleep.  I think it's been helping.  My problems occur when I have to get Cohen from school and put her in the car seat.  I also struggle to keep the other two monkeys quiet to let her get a good amount of rest too.  Seriously, you'd think I'm raising a herd of elephants sometimes!  As far as night goes, Remy gets her last bottle between 7 and 8 then will go down after that.  She's sleeping swaddled next to me in the Rock and Play.  Moms, if you are looking for a good swaddle invest in the Ollie Swaddle.  It's amazing.

Miss Remmers has started smiling and it is so precious.  I love talking to her and getting her going because her chubby cheeks are just too much.  She also is a huge coo-er and noise maker.  As mentioned earlier, Remy is also sleeping in longer stretches during the night -- the best milestone of them all!

Little Sis loves her siblings - especially her big brother.  He is equally as smitten with her, which is just as sweet as well.  Remy also loves to be held and will also fall asleep as soon as she is in her car seat and we are moving.

The kid HATES to be hungry, hence the amazing weight gain these past two months.  She also isn't a fan of being swaddled but she doesn't have a choice about that one.  Remy hasn't taken a liking to the pacifier and seems like she may be more of a blankey girl like her brother.

 I mean look at those cheeks.  Eatable.

Oh sweet Remy how you are the typical third child - sweet as can be but I think you are secretly rotten to the core when you don't get your way.  Even though you can be a stink at times, you complete our family and I don't think you could be loved anymore than you are by us.  I love being able to stay home with you and watch you grow.  I'm excited for your first Christmas, even though you will have no clue as to what is going on.  Now do me a favor and slow down a little bit in the weight department because I have a plethora of adorable rompers that you need to be able to wear this summer...or else I'll be screwed.


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