See Ya Later, 2015

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Another year my friends, another year.  This year was full of surprises, unplanned events and tons of love and joy.  It is amazing the things that can happen when you think back on the last 365 days.  Last January feels like an eternity and honestly, so much has changed since then.  I loved looking back at my 2014 recap, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite events of 2015.

Snow, Lots of Snow
Okay the actually snow part really wasn't one of my favorite things about 2015.  But the activities we did within the snow made it all worthwhile.  I enjoyed taking Lola out on her first sled ride and watching Cohen play until his cheeks and nose turned red.   Watching the kids get excited about the first snowflakes falling is also a pretty precious moment, even if I'm longing for a beach on the inside.

Spring Break in Clearwater Beach
I keep secretly looking at flights to see if I can snag an amazing deal like I did last year at this time.  Unfortunately I had to decide between staying home with my kids or taking another beach vacation this year - and the kids won.  This vacation was nothing short of amazing.  Kurtis and I both plan on going back next year and staying again at the same place as we did in April.  Our condo was a block from the beach and right in the middle of everything in Clearwater.  Plus the staff was amazing and my kids made an instant friend with Rodney, the concierge.  Cohen would have played all day in the ocean if we let him and Lola was just fine digging holes in the sand.  It was the perfect family vacation and I loved every single second of this trip.

Summer Break
Nothing is more amazing than summer break - especially as a teacher.  The school year ended and there was nothing more I wanted then to skip down the hall, throwing papers behind me and slamming that door shut for the next eight weeks.  (And I probably did.)  It was the end of something good and the beginning of change, which has always been a weakness for me.  However, I embraced summer with both my arms (and my feet, legs, toes, ears...) and had a blast with Cohen and Lola.  Not only was it the freshness I needed but it was the last summer we would have just the three of us.  There was a lot of "unknown" that was about to take sail so I made sure to eat up these two stinkers as much as I possible could.  And I did.  

Welcome, Remy Elizabeth!
The best part of 2015 was the arrival of our sweet Remy girl.  I would be lying if I said there wasn't a lot of uncertainty at the beginning of this year when we found out that Baby #3 was coming.  While she was an unexpected surprise, it was the best surprise that could have happened to our family.  We are all learning to adjust as a family of five (six when Sophie is here) and I think three months later we are starting to get into the swing of things.  After tears and lots of fears, I can say that we have all fully embraced this sweet little sister into our family and quite honestly, I can't imagine life without her.

Bring it 2016 - we are ready for ya!


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