Three Tips to Surviving Life with a Newborn

Friday, December 11, 2015

I wouldn't necessarily call myself a pro but being that this is my third time, I guess I would consider myself experienced.   With each child I have learned new tips and tricks that make the newborn phase a little bit more manageable.  Now if it was realistic I would suggest a coffee IV, but unfortunately it is not, so I'll share a few other baby hacks I've learned along the way!

1.  Keep Diapers and Wipes in the Main Areas of Your Home
Nothing is more annoying than having to run back and forth to the baby's room every time you need to change their diaper.  Our house has three levels, so I make sure I have diapers and wipes in each of the main rooms that we spend the majority of our time in.  Being able to just grab a diaper and change Remy whenever she needs it saves time but also allows me to keep my eyes on my other two sweeties too.

2.  Open Packs of Diapers on a Need-to-Use Basis
You will be surprised at how fast your little one grows - especially through the diaper size stages.  Be sure to only open your diapers one pack at a time in case your little one quickly grows out of that specific size.  Most stores will let you exchange unopened packs of diapers for a bigger size, which will save you money in the long run!

3.  Find the Perfect Diaper for Your Baby and Stick with It
Being able to find that one brand that best fits your newborn can be tricky.  I've always been a huge fan of Huggies Little Snugglers for my babies.  These diapers are equipped with the new GentleAbsorb* liner that has tiny pillows that provide a cushiony layer of protection between your little one's skin and draws that runny mess away.  It also has a wetness indicator which makes it easy for you to quickly look and see if the diaper needs changed.  Huggies Little Snugglers have a pocketed back waistband that keeps messes in as well as a comfy outer cover with a flexible, quilted inner pad which offer your baby comfort.  Now that Remy is sleeping in 6 hour stretches (thank you, Lord!) the Leak Lock design has been amazing and can keep her dry up to 12 hours.  As a newborn, I loved the umbilical cord cut-out that protected her cord while it healed and I didn't have to worry about folding down the front so it wouldn't rub against it.

We recently got a Sam's Club membership and I am able to grab Huggies Little Snugglers in boxes of over 200 (in size 1) which has saved us money as well as myself a crazy trip to the store when I realize we are out of diapers.  Sam's Club also offers curb side pick up so I can order my diapers and just drive up and they literally put the diapers right in my car.  Amazing, right?

Life with littles can be crazy - especially as you add more to the family.  But you will learn what works for you as well as be able to share with other moms simple life hacks that make the job of motherhood a bit easier.  But when the going gets stuff just remember - this too shall pass.


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