I Need a Quality Video Monitor that I Can Afford

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I blame it on my husband because for real, I love my sleep.  But for some reason we have been cursed with two children who despise sleep.  Cohen never slept and my sweet Lola is polar opposite and asks to go to sleep.  Remy unfortunately has been a bit more difficult.  She reminds me an awful lot of her brother and I have vowed to not let her go down that path.  One night I started thinking (after an hour of a screaming baby who refused to sleep) what I did differently with Lola than I did with Cohen in the sleep department.  Immediately I remembered how I looked for her sleep cues and that's when I would swaddle her and lay her down right away.  So the next day I paid closer attention to Remy.  Sure enough, about an hour after her bottle, she started getting fussy and wanting to be held.  I decided to swaddle her up, rock her and then lay her down to sleep in the Rock and Play in our room.

The kid took a three hour nap.  I cried tears of joy.

I continued to follow her sleep cues and soon enough she has slowly adjusted to a better sleep schedule.  While it's not always perfect, it definitely is a huge improvement then what it was.  Plus she is such a happier baby which makes my life, and her siblings' life, so much better.  However, she is still currently sleeping in our room.  And I'm not quite sure when I will transition her to the crib.  (Most likely not until she's four or five and ready to go to Kindergarten...kidding...kind of.)  So whenever she is sleeping, I would have to try to open the door, pray to God it wouldn't squeak, tip-toe across the room and peek at her to see if she was sleeping.  It was too much stress my friends.

I needed a monitor in our room, but I didn't want to take the one out of her bedroom because I do plan on transitioning her there for a few naps during the day.  So I needed something portable and small that would fit nicely on my nightstand yet not take up the entire thing.  The Levana Ayden Video Baby Monitor was one of the first monitors that caught my eye.  It had a small camera and a unit with a small screen but one that I can still see even with my blindness when I'm not wearing my glasses.  The price was especially great at only $99.99 - and it has the option of buying extra cameras (up to 4!) so I can have one in each of the girls' rooms.

Some other features of the Ayden Video Monitor include:
--48 hour battery life when in PEEP mode
--temperature monitoring - which is one of my favorite features because our bedroom can get really warm at times!
--up to 15 feet of night vision
--750-foot ClearVu® digital signal which means creepers can not hack your baby monitor!
--baby intercom so I can talk to her from my unit
--three soothing lullabies that once again I can activate from my unit

I really am in love with this monitor and it has made Remy's sleep transition so much easier.  The parent unit is super portable so I can carry it around from room to room. I even set it right on the treadmill when I'm running during nap time.  I haven't set it in PEEP mode yet, but I will take it off the charger and my unit's battery will run all day long for me.  We will be doing some traveling this summer and I plan on taking it with us because it is so portable and easy to set up.  It will also be perfect to take in the backyard this summer while the kids play and she takes her morning nap.  The Levana Ayden Video Monitor has been a lifesaver when it comes to Remy's sleeping situation and I honestly couldn't be happier with my choice.  
Now let's see if we can get the kid to start sleeping through the night...

Buy It! 
Check out Levana's website to purchase your Ayden Video Monitor or to check out Levana's line of video baby monitors!

Disclosure:  I was provide a product for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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