Laughing All the Way with Poise

Sunday, January 3, 2016

I was born into a family where we all have this common problem - LBL.  What is LBL?  Oh, just light bladder leakage of course.  Now for me, even before having kids, I have had this issue with common every day situations.  Sneezing, coughing and very much so when laughing - sometimes I just can't help it my friends.  Especially when I get together with my cousins and aunts it is inevitable that LBL happens to someone.  So this holiday season I made sure we were prepared for our get-togethers.  As I made our list it looked something like this:

Let's hashtag this as LBLproblems.

I headed to Sam's Club to get started on our list.  I love our local Sam's Club because of all the amazing benefits they offer to members!  From exclusive member savings to Subscription Service with discreet packaging to even ordering online and getting Club Pickup - it definitely has been worth it this year!  The best part about my shopping trip this time though was that I could stock up on Poise ® Maximum Absorbency Pads (just $29.98 - members save $8) so we were prepared throughout our holiday festivities.  Poise® Maximum Absorbency Pads provide more absorbency so you (and my family) can feel confident and giving you the protection you need.  The Absorb-Loc core quickly locks away and odor.  Plus the Leak-Block sides give you protection for your worrying mind!  The Dry-Touch layer helps keep you not only dry but fresh, which is definitely comforting when you are away from home.  Sam's Club also carries the Poise® Very Light Absorbency Liners ($11.68 for 132 pads, members save $4) which also offer wetness protection but are thinner and stay 3x drier than regular size feminine care liners.   

My family had a blast this holiday season.  It is fun to finally slow down and think about our Christmas dinner and events as well as smile and laugh at the memories we shared this year.  Thanks to Poise ® Maximum Absorbency Pads we were able to be worry-free as we laughed together because of the instant absorbing which kept us drier 3x more than normal period-only pads.  There was no way we were going to let a little LBL get in the way of our holiday fun because Maximum Pads are 40% more absorbent than Poise ® Moderate Pads - it was more protection when we needed it!  Like the infamous line in Jingle Bells, "Laughing all the way!"  And this holiday season we could do just that.


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