Once Again, Why I Don't Make Resolutions

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

And just like that it's 2016.  
Seriously, how is this so?
2015 was quite the year, bringing a mix of emotions and events.  But as I look back, I don't think I would have changed a thing.
Except for maybe keeping my eye on the things I wanted to add, discard and experience in the year.

So let's try this again.  It's a new year.  Let's put my eye on the prize and think of some things I can do to enrich my life, right?

Three Things I Want to Add to My Life:
1.  Me Time
This one sounds so simple but I think many moms can relate at attest to how it's just really hard to do.  Especially with Remy now, I don't take enough time for myself.  I want to start treating myself each month, maybe a pedicure or a night out with the girls or even a bath alone with a glass of wine - whatever it is, something for me.  Now that I'm home with the kids full time I need to get some adult interaction besides my husband or some time for a mental recollection to make sure I don't loose my marbles.  Otherwise I'm afraid I'm going to turn into the Crazy Old Mother Hubbard.

2.  Date Nights
God, I seriously say this every damn year but this year I mean it.  My husband and I haven't had a date since our anniversary in July.  Seriously, that's a problem.  I mean I guess the fact that we added another baby into the mix didn't really help but for real - I would like to schedule at least one night out for the two of us.  I mean I can't promise that I won't fall asleep sitting up at dinner or be ready for bed by 8 o'clock but that will make an easy night for the sitter I guess.

3.  Speaking Up More Often
While I have gotten a lot better about this, especially in my hormone induced bitch mode during pregnancy, I want to get back to standing on my own two feet.  I think in the last year some things have started a fire under my ass and I'm slowly gaining my voice back.  But this year I'll be back to my old roots but in a more mature and appropriate tone (a less Mean Girls Regina tone)  than my olden days.

Three Things I Want to Discard:
1.   Poor Eating Habits
Okay, so I had three kids.  And by the third one the weight just isn't falling off as quickly as the other two.  I'm sure it's because of my love for Cheetos and those damn Rise and Roll donuts (for those who are unfamiliar they are donuts made by the Amish and the girl will flipping deliver them to my house.  Big problem I know.  And my mouth is already watering just thinking about them.)  But for the last two weeks I've been recording what I've been eating as well as my workouts and I'm now just 5 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.  However, toning up is going to be my huge focus especially with bikini season inching closer by the second.  Three kids = no ab muscles at all.

2.  Negative Vibes
I know I said this last year as well, however I really need to kick this one out the door.  Last year I was labeled as "negative" and quite honestly it still pisses me off.  I'm not a negative person.  However I do believe in doing what is right and that unfortunately wasn't how others felt. Therefore it pinned a negative tone onto my attitude.  So this year I'm wiping the slate clean, starting fresh and breathing in positivity.  Positivity is my signature color friends...

3.  Staying Comfortable
Let me explain this one.  I think sometimes I am just comfortable with the way things are and I don't explore what is outside of my comfort zone.  This year I want to stop and take a leap into unfamiliar territory.  While the initial process is going to be a little scary, I want to take the chance at something new that will stretch me beyond what I am comfortable.

Three New Experiences for 2016
1.  Run Some New Races
This one I can legit try again because last year I got knocked up in January and therefore my running abilities were kicked to the curb.  I'm hoping to do a few 5Ks and 10Ks and maybe, just maybe try the Indy Mini again.  However, don't hold your breath quite yet for that one.

2.  Family Vacation
Last year we went to the beach (sigh) and this year, I'm not quite sure where we will go but I want to go on another vacation, probably in the summer.  You know, when my kid can at least sit up on her own.

3. A Weekend Get Away Without Kids
This is sad to say but the last time I spent the night away from my kids was when Cohen was 8 months old.  And it was for less than 24 hours.  This goes back to finding time for me as well as spending time with my husband - I need to do it.  So Nana and Papa get ready because I could use a weekend away to get dinner, drinks and watch movies in bed - and then sleep in until as late as I want.
 I just teared up at that thought.  

Okay 2016 - it's time you bring it.  Let's get this party started!


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