Wednesday, February 17, 2016

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2016*

The past week has been rough for this kid.  I'm not sure if he's on a sugar high or what but I started to see old behaviors pop up that haven't been around in a long time.  My plan is to give him a little one-on-one this week in hope's that we can straighten things out.  It may be Spring Fever as well, which wouldn't surprise me one bit.

Pigtails for the win my friends!  I need to get her haircut (umm, Gwen call me back) but we will just pull it up until then.  She earned a cookie after this one because she said her bun-buns hurt.  Hey kid, if you won't wear bows then it will be pigtails.  I'm winning this war.

This face is mid-squeal face.  Oh how love her cheeks and eyes and voice.  I want to eat up every part of this little baby and not let her grow up ever.  Yo, Peter Pan.  How can I get some of that magic fairy dust?


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  1. Very cute kids. I'm sorry you're having some struggles. One on one time sounds like a good idea.