FriYAY - The Five Best #MomLife Must Haves

Saturday, February 13, 2016

It is Friday - holla!
The only meaning Friday has to me now is knowing that my husband will actually be around.  I usually have high hopes for every weekend but when Sunday rolls around I realize we accomplished nothing but catching up on Flip or Flop and Fixer Upper reruns.  Kurtis and I celebrated Valentine's Day early last weekend with dinner out together.  This weekend we plan on taking the kids to the museum, making mini heart shaped pizzas and eating homemade brownie sundaes.

Amazeballs, right?
One day I'll get a picture with all of them smiling.

Lately I have been making a mental list of the things I don't think I could live without right now.  I mean seriously, what was my life like before these things existed is what I really want to know?

Five Best #MomLife Must Haves

1.  Target RED Card
I could just say Target in general but this RED card has saved my life.  I can order anything and get free shipping.  Like a few weeks ago when I was up feeding Remy and I decided Cohen needed a new comforter set and Remy needed some frames for her room.  Target happens people.

2.  Starbucks Drive-Thru
This one is an obvious but what is life without iced coffee and cake pops for the littles?  It's pretty sad that when we drive past a Starbucks Lola will yell, "Mom! I want a pop!"  I mean, how can you not stop?

3.  Kroger Fuel Points
Don't call me lame, but I literally stood outside taking pictures of the fact that I filled up my 16 gallon tank for $10.79.  Fuel the Love y'all.

4.  Online Grocery Shopping
While I have to admit, I do love my alone time grocery shopping.  But when life gets busy and I don't want to drag all three kids out with me online grocery shopping is where it is!  I order online, determine my pick up time and then pull up in the online order parking space to have them unload my groceries into my car.  My only tip is don't expect the freshest produce.  I literally paid $2 for an organic cucumber the size of a mini pickle.  You win some, you lose some.

5.  Jillian Michaels DVDs
So I love my treadmill but unfortunately it will not give me my Kate Middleton arms that I want so badly.  Jillian is basically the devil in spandex but I can get a good 30 minute workout in and work every damn muscle in my body.  Mama ain't playing.  And I thank her for quick workouts that I can fit into my ridiculously busy day.

Now go and enjoy your Valentine's Day weekend with a big ass bowl of ice cream.
And chocolate.
Because that's why Valentine's Day is a holiday anyways, right?


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