Remy 4 Month Update

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Remy // 4 months
Weight:15 lbs 12 oz
Height: longer than 26 1/8 inches

Welp, my child is huge.  She actually is bigger than Lola was at 6 months.  Which most likely means I will be going shopping in the near future because NONE of the adorable rompers I have awaiting the arrival of warm weather for Miss Remy will fit her.  Actually, maybe they will since they are shorts.  I will just pray that I can button them up over her adorable little chub.

There has been a lot of change for this little booger lately and it all seems to be happening so fast.  Like faster than my other two kids.  The good part about this all is there is no "going back to work" looming over my head which normally, about this time, is what is happening.  I'm quite content knowing that I get to continue to watch Remy, Lola and Cohen grow on their merry ways.  Just not too fast children.

Here is what Remy has been up to the last month:
As mentioned, she is bigger than Lola, by a lot.  She currently is in size 2 diapers and anything 3-6 months, and 6 month jammies.  She is 75th percentile for her weight and 90th for her height and head.  Big noggins run in the fam y'all.  I'm hoping maybe she will decide to start rolling soon and burn a few calories because I will just DIE if she can't fit into any of Lola's old rompers.  #RomperProblems people.  I have a serious obsession with these things and this obsession is not going anywhere.

As of today, I am officially done pumping.  Why you ask?  BECAUSE MAMA IS GETTING LASIK!!  I would be lying if I said I haven't had serious mom guilt about not pumping anymore but today at her pediatrician appointment he quickly told me to shut the hell up because she will be just fine.  I have a decent frozen stash so I think she will be good for another month or so but then we will be using Similac Sensitive.  I'm not against formula - not at all actually.  It is quite convenient and so much easier for my busy lifestyle.  But I feel guilty because I can make the milk, so I should be giving it to her.  Okay, done with my pity party.  Back to Remy.  She will eat every 3-4 hours and normally wakes up once to eat at night.  However, the last two nights she has woken up twice which makes me think she is hitting a growth spurt.  We are still taking about 5-6 oz every bottle.  I started cereal with her last night and will continue with that for the next month.  I can't believe I need to start thinking about making her baby food soon.  Tears. 

One day I will graduate her from the Rock 'n Play.  Actually, my plan is to just do it next week.  But I've been saying that for two weeks now.  She takes one long nap and then 2-3 shorter ones.  The girl is spent by 7 and will sleep until about 3 or 4 when she's ready for her next bottle.  Remy is usually awake by 8:00 but I'm wondering if she will sleep longer when she's in her own room.  We no longer swaddle little Houdini and have been using her Zipadee Zip sack for the last few weeks successfully.

Our girl has not one but TWO teeth.  YES!!! I can't believe it either!  I put my finger in her mouth and felt a sharp little nub.  Sure enough she sprouted a tooth!  It worked out perfectly because that was when Cohen had lost his tooth so we told him the Tooth Fairy gave Remy his old tooth.  I'm hoping we can add rolling and sleeping in our crib as two more milestones this month.

Remy knows who is weak - and that would be her father.  He runs at the sound of her cries and will pick her up at the slightly whine.  She also loves to be held out so she can look around.  Milk is still a favorite around here as you can tell by her size.

We are still trying to win the kid with tummy time, but it's not happening.  Remy hates to be overly tired and will make a scene when she's cold.  The kid also despises being hungry.  Apparently its the end of the world when she can't eat when she wants to either.


Remmers Pie,

I feel you slowly transitioning from infant into a baby right before our eyes.  I'm not quite sure why you thought it was okay to get teeth already because you aren't supposed to be growing up that quickly.  I love your snuggles, your cheesy neck smell and your beautiful blue eyes.  Your smile makes my day and I can't imagine our family without you.
Now will you make this crib transition easy on me?  I'm already sad enough that you won't be sleeping my side anymore.


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  1. Aww, she's so cute. That's great that you are able to stay at home. Our third child, a son, was bigger than his siblings also, so we had the same problems with him not being able to wear all the hand-me-downs. I love reading your posts about how she's growing. It brings back memories about my own kids.