Sunday, March 20, 2016

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2016*

This guy is officially registered for Kindergarten.   I swear I was just returning to work after spending five months home with this little guy on maternity leave.  There are moments when he acts so big to me, like when he told me during the IU game that we needed just 4 more points to catch up - the score was 27 to 23.  I know, my jaw dropped too.  But then there are times when he is still a little boy, like when he decided he'd rather talk to his friends during his basketball game instead of actually playing the game.  As cheesy as it may seem, they really do grow up so fast.  And it's killing me. 

I found this picture from a recent trip to the Children's Museum.  It was a big moment to get this girl into the wind tunnel that blows around little handkerchiefs.   I'm starting to see more and more independence from her lately - like when she insists that she climbs into the car seat by herself or hold the cup of milk as I'm pouring it.  She sure has a spirit full of fire and it cracks my mom up because she says it's like looking at a Mini Kait.

I promise this kid really does have a neck.  Sweet girl just loves her milk!  She also is a classic baby of the family - constantly held and spoiled to the core.  I will never admit it to my other two children but seriously, this girl has it made.  


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