Little Dude Summer Wardrobe Essentials

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Every summer I try to buy a few essential pieces for Cohen's wardrobe.  While 50% of our time is spent outside at the pool, the other 50% is spent either dressed or sleeping.  So I figure if I stick to a few favorite items, we will be good!

1.  Carter's Camo Shorts -- I have bought the kid a pair of these since he was six months old.  Last year he decided to rip them the first time he wore them, but Carter's is awesome and let me exchange them for a new pair.  I usually go for the drawstring and elastic waist because Cohen doesn't have time for buttons.  He's WAY too busy in the summer so I keep it simple.  Plus these shorts go with just about everything.  I can dress them up or have him go cas - they are a super versatile piece for his wardrobe! 

2.  Under Armour Captain America Shirt -- Cohen is a huge fan of Captain America so I knew this shirt would be perfect for him!  With the new movie coming out this summer, we are loving it even more.  Under Armour is always great quality and can sustain my wild child through 99% of his crazy shenanigans. 

3.  Under Armour Athletic Shorts -- The older Cohen gets, the more comfy he wants to dress.  I love the pattern on these shorts and the material is super soft.  They also play double duty for both play time and sports time.

4.  Osh-Kosh Ringer Tank -- These tanks are perfect to throw on before heading to the pool as well as for those hot, sticky summer nights that are spent running around with the neighborhood kids.  They are a light cotton material too which makes it perfect for summertime.

5.  Nike Shoes -- One of our summer goals is to learn how to tie our shoes.  Cohen was dead set on buying a pair of Nikes with ties, but I spend an extra minute or two tying them.  I love the velcro on these shoes which makes slipping them on and off quick and easy - and no bending over to tie unruly laces!

I am so excited for summer!  Even though I will now be toting around three kids, I'm anxious for busy pool days that lead to long afternoon naps and late evening dinners.
Bring it on, Summer!  Hurry up!

What are some of your favorite summer essentials for boys?


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