Remy 6 Month Update

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Remy // 6 months
Weight:18lbs  12 oz
Height: 27 inches

Just look at those thighs please.  Oh my little Chunkers who likes to be in the 90th percentile in both height and weight.  I'm dying here because the extremely large storage bin of rompers will only make it until June at this rate.  Maybe once she starts crawling she will burn some of those calories off?  If not I guess I have to go shopping.  Darn.
Can we take a second to recognize the fact that my baby is already half a year old?
Stop. It. Now.

Here is what Remy has been up to the last month:

As I mentioned, she is a biggy girl!  Remy is still comfortably wearing size 3 diapers and now sports 6 month and 6-9 month clothes.  I'm crossing my fingers it stays warm because the long sleeved stuff no longer is an option...unless 3/4 length shirts are appropriate for babies.

Remy gets 4-5 bottles a day.  Usually she gets a 6oz in the morning, two 4 oz bottles and then a 7 oz before bed.  If she wakes up in the middle of the night I'll give her the 6oz bottle then and usually a 3 oz bottle when she wakes up for the day.  Girlfriend gets oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, a veggie for lunch and then a veggie and some YoBaby for dinner.  I've started mixing up some of the veggies for her meals and so far, so good with the different combos!  Our goals this month are to introduce the sippy cup and Puffs.

I have to be real, 5 months was a real a-hole.  My bad for thinking that we sailed through the whole 4 month sleep regression stage with ease.  Remy hated napping and she also hated sleeping at night.  The kid was waking up two or three times a night and I.was.dying.  But normally we are down to a morning nap, an afternoon nap and sometimes a quick evening nap to get us to bedtime.  Remy is ready around 7 and usually goes down without a fight but staying asleep is her weakness.  I'm hoping to transition her out of the Zippadee Zip sack this month and do some sleep training to get her to fall asleep on her own.  The kid hates pacifiers but loves to suck on blankets, so I need to find her a few blankets she can use as her nasty sleep sucking blanket.  Gag, I know.

Remmers has cut her third and fourth tooth this past month, both on the bottom.  She loves her toes and loves to rock on her back from side to side.  Remy still isn't a fan of rolling, which I'm okay with, but she has figured out how to pull her legs under her and move herself in a stationary circle on her stomach.  We are pretty good at sitting up but still working on those ab muscles just a little bit.  I'm hoping that sleeping through the night will be a milestone for next month.  Please Jesus.

I have been making the kids get outside and the last several days have been gorgeous, so we have taken full advantage of it.  Since she isn't mobile yet I will put her in the baby swing and let her look around and swing away.  The kid will be content for a good amount of time in that swing.  Remy also loves car rides and the stroller, especially since we put her in the big girl seat when we go out on walks.  Her brother is probably her most favorite person in the world too.

All the sleep.  She also hates being overly tired ironically.  Also, for some reason she hates when you sit down to rock her when she's tired too.  And she hates going down for naps.  I'm telling you, there some kind of pattern going on when it comes to sleeping...


Remy Elizabeth,
Happy Half Birthday little girl!  I'm excited to introduce you to my favorite season which will consist of evening walks, pool time, playing at the park and most importantly - watermelon.  I have no problem keeping you as my baby forever so if you want to stop growing that would be great!  I apologize for my lack of patience with you lately when it has come to your sleeping habits.  I promise to get us all more Vitamin D and hopefully you will choose to sleep just a little bit better for Mom.  You sure have a sweet little smile and your voice is the cutest sound in the world.  Love you wittle sweet pea!


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