My PreK Graduate

Monday, May 30, 2016

Last Thursday was Cohen's final day of Pre-K.  The whole day was extremely bittersweet for me because of so many reasons.  This was the school Cohen had been a part of since he was 2 years old.  It was the school that helped grow and shape him into a little learner and the place that loved him as much as we do.  Our family was comfortable there and I really am thankful that he had the experiences that he did before heading off to Kindergarten.  When I think back to the beginning of the year and how hesitant I was to move him into this room after Remy was born, I realize that it was meant to be after all.  I can't speak highly enough about his teachers this year.  Cohen has grown leaps and bounds and I am so proud of what he has accomplished.  While I plan on continuing to work with him this summer, I am confident that he will have no issues academically next year, which as a teacher, is a huge sigh of relief.

 First Day of PreK                                                         Last Day of PreK

The graduation ceremony was sweet and simple.  His class walked in to the graduation song, wearing their blue caps and gowns.  Then after a few words and prayer from the school's director, his teacher called up the students individually sharing a brief question-answer activity that she had prepared with each of them.

Here are Cohen's answers:
What do you like most about school?  
Carl the Catepillar

What do you hope to learn in Kindergarten?  
Some math

What do you like best about being 5?  
That I can go swimming at the water park without my floaties.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A cop

She then asked the students to share a "weird but true" fact that they had learned during the year.  Cohen was only one of three that decided to share.  And of course this is the one he said out loud:
Sharks pee through their skin.

Only my child.

Afterwards we went back to his room to get his things and had the end of the year picnic.  It was a gloomy, humid day and towards the end of the picnic the skies let loose and there was a huge rainstorm.  After some friendly hugs, we were on our way home.

My heart is so full knowing that Cohen had such an amazing year, especially with the transition to this new class.  Even though it was a challenge to get all three kids fed, dressed and out the door by 8:45 three days a week, I wouldn't take a second of it back.  I was telling my friend last night how the whole thing makes me sad and she said it best by comparing it to a chapter ending, which is exactly what happened.  But when one chapter ends, another one starts and each one will be more exciting than the last. 

Next stop, Kindergarten!


Remy - 7 Months

Monday, May 23, 2016


Remy // 7 months
Weight:19ish lbs
Height: 27 + inches

I'm a little late with this month's update but let's blame it on teething.  And ear infections.  And extreme rain.  And life. Yes, let's just blame it on life please.
Summer is quickly approaching and I'm excited to be able to gradually sell and give away all of Remy's winter stuff.  While it is bittersweet I have to say I know for sure that we are done having kids.  I don't even think I could handle a puppy right now in my life.

Here is what Remy has been up to the last month:

She's a biggy girl just like her brother was that's for sure!  Remy still wears size 3 diapers comfortably and I'm sure she'll be in these for awhile.  In clothes she wears 6-9 months and 9 month outfits and pjs.  While a lot of her dresses fit her, I'm finding those chubby thighs are struggling to fit in those baby bloomers.  If only chub looked that cute on me - I'd be a model!

Remy gets three meals a day now - oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, veggie and fruit for lunch and veggie and YoBaby for dinner.  She also loves her Mum Mums just like her sister did.  We are down to about 4 bottles of formula a day that are anywhere from 5-6 ounces each.  Some days she'll suck a bottle down like a thirsty camel and others she barely wants anything to do it with it.  I get a tub of the Sam's Club version of Similac Sensitive and that sucker lasts me 2 weeks -- holla for Sam's Club!

Welp, the sixth month and beginning of seventh month weren't that nice either.  One night Remy woke up at 10:30 and stayed up until 4.  And then was up for the day at 7:00.  I'm crying as I type that memory because it was horrible.  Everyone had horrible colds and hers seemed more chesty than the other two, so I took her to the doctor only to find out the kid had 2 ear infections.  After 10 days of an antibiotic, she has been a much happy camper.  Some nights she sleeps all night while others she will get up once.  I finally got her out of her Zippy sack and have started to put her to bed awake.  Hopefully this will help teach her to put herself back to sleep since she refuses a pacifier.  Still, Remy is ready for bed at 7:00 and is up for the day around 7:00.  Naps are at 10 and 2, with her morning nap usually being the longest.  I'm hoping with our summer adventures will wear her down for longer afternoon naps.  But I think that's wishful thinking.

We know have cut teeth five and six (both top ones) and number seven has started making it's debut.  My kid is a shark which doesn't help with the sleeping department either.  Remy sits up pretty good, with the occasional bobble.  She loves to shake her head which doesn't help her maintain her balance very well but it's pretty funny.  Still not a fan of rolling, but Remy girl loves to scoot herself backwards.  I'm thinking she will be crawling within the next month...which reminds me I need to find those baby gates.

Remy still loves to swing and be outside.  She is super content when we go on our evening walks and just takes it all in as we stroll.  Her favorite time of the day is morning when you get her out of her bed because she will welcome you with the world's best smile.  Squash, sweet potatoes, avocados and bananas are still holding strong in the food department.

Peas and green beans are NOT to be fed to this kid.  I tried to mix them the other day and she wasn't having one bit of it.  Remy has also started with a bit of stranger anxiety and will get sad if she can't see me in her vision.  She hates to be picked up and then put right back down (which is a favorite activity of her Dad's) and also hates scruffly beard kisses (again, DAD).  


Remy Elizabeth,
I can't believe that it has been seven months already since you joined our family.  While I'm super sleep deprived and quite certain that my blood has been mixed party with coffee, you my sweet girl are one of the best things that have happened to me!  It melts me to see you love your brother and sister.  One day you will be able to give it right back to them too, which will be fun to watch I won't lie.  We attempted your first pool outing last weekend and you weren't the fan.  But I wasn't either considering the water was -2348 degrees.  I love your smile, your laugh and your baby chatter.  Another month of fun and life, baby girl!  I love you!



Sunday, May 22, 2016

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2016*

Today he told me he wished he had 5 days left of school not 3, which made my heart happy to hear that he enjoys his school so much.  I think he's ready for summer to be here - the pool days, evening playtime with the neighbors and sleeping in...until 8.

Our newest obsession is picking out our outfit every morning.  While I have to distract her from choosing her Elsa dress everyday, her next favorite choice is anything with pockets.  The other day I looked over at her and she was standing just looking around with her little hand chilling in the pocket of her shorts.  It was one of the cutest things I've seen in awhile.

My little Charlie Brown headed baby - seriously, her head is almost perfectly round.  Wednesdays are my day to clean upstairs and now Remy likes to sit up in her crib, play with her toys and peak out at me while I'm rushing to get things done before her nap.  Those blue eyes and that round head make it almost impossible not to pick her up and and smother her in smoochies.


My Sister Girls

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I always wanted a daughter.  Gimme all the pink, bows and tutus that are allowed.  When I found out Lola was a girl I was elated because now I had the best of both worlds - a boy and a girl!  So when Baby #3 came along I knew it was a boy.  Even the Chinese calendar, who had been spot on for both Cohen and Lola, determined that this baby was a boy.  
Can you imagine my shock when the ultrasound tech typed in "girl" on the picture?

Double the bows.
Double the pink.
Double the tutus.
Double the expenses.

The fact that my last two are close in age and both girls was meant to be.  While Remy adores all things Cohen, there's something between her and Lola that convinces me they will be the best of friends as they get older. 

I mean, Remy is already sharing Lola's old clothes.  That's where it begins anyways, right?


Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready to Play: A Baseball Themed Thank You Gift

Sunday, May 15, 2016

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. All opinions are mine alone. #ShareMemories #CollectiveBias

I have recently taken on another role in the family - Baseball Mom.  My husband is in heaven because this is his sport - the one he grew up playing.  This season has brought back tons of happy memories for him from his childhood.  Cohen jumped straight from basketball right into baseball,which made me a little nervous.  But so far I have to say (when the weather is nice that is) I have really enjoyed loading up the girls and going to his games.  We have hit the coaching jackpot in each sport that he's played so far.  I'm finding how intense sports can be, even at a young age, so I get nervous to see who Cohen will get as his coach.  Luckily this year for baseball his coaches are amazing!  They are super patient and I'm impressed with how much he has learned even at the instructional level.  As a teacher I understand how these little bodies can wear on one's mental health, so I decided to put together a few thank-you gifts to show his coaches how much my husband and I really appreciate their effort.

I was headed to Market District (our Giant Eagle retailer) to stock up on their amazing produce and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to grab my thank-you items.  This store has literally everything you could imagine so I knew I could find what I needed!  I was having so much fun browsing the aisles when I stopped in the soda and juice aisle.  Immediately my eye was drawn to the cute mini-cans of Coca-Cola™ that were stocked on the shelves.  As a I looked closer I realized they had song lyrics on the cans which made me start looking at every can to read which lyrics had been printed.  My favorite was the lyric, "What I like about you," because when I was in elementary school they used to blare this song over the speakers at the ballpark.  It brought back so many fun memories of elementary school and running through the diamonds with our dirty, dusty feet.  I busted out the Shazam App on my iPhone and started playing my Coca-Cola Share a Song while I finished my shopping.  I also grabbed a 20oz Coca-Cola bottle when I saw the lyrics, "Go big or go home!"  This made me laugh because his coach is always yelling this at the kids when they go up to bat.  It was perfect for our thank-you basket!  I decided I wanted the rest of the basket to go with a baseball theme.  I grabbed my favorite snacks that we eat at a baseball game along with some little baseball favors and toys.  These items would be the perfect addition to the Coca-Cola cans and bottle for the thank you gift.

It probably is the teacher in me, but I love putting together fun little gifts and projects for other people.  Deciding on the baseball theme made it even more fun because I could personalize it for each of the coaches.  

Baseball Themed Gift Basket
1.  Begin by choosing a cute basket or bowl to hold all of your treats inside.  I found a cute baseball bowl at a local party store that wasn't huge yet just the perfect size for our gift.

2.  Sort your treats and the items you want to include.  I started by placing the Coca-Cola cans and bottle in the basket first so then I could use the smaller treats to fill around them.

3.  Next I placed my bagged treats around the cans and bottle.  I found clear plastic party bags to put different candy and snacks in that followed my theme, like licorice and sunflower seeds.

4.  Finally, fill in the extra space with your smaller items.  I found candy baseballs, a plastic whistle and soft baseball toys that I knew their kids would appreciate too.

The thank-you baskets were a huge hit and the fact that they were personalized made them even more special.  Baseball season has brought our family so many happy memories, so I'm thankful that we were able to show our appreciation to the coaches who have made it possible!

Share with Me!
What things have sparked childhood memories for you?  Do you have have favorite song lyrics that bring these memories alive?



When Your Baby Starts Sleeping

Friday, May 13, 2016

Before you become a mother you honestly have no idea what you are in for with the whole experience.  You learn what you are doing as you go and every day brings new challenges and memories.  While becoming a mother brings you an overwhelming feeling of love beyond anything you have every experienced, there is one thing you will never fully be prepared for - the lack of sleep and exhaustion.

I'm pretty sure that any first, second, third or fifteenth time mom can agree that when your baby starts sleeping it's like the clouds have parted and you hear the angels singing their praise.  Don't get me wrong, Remy's sleep is far from perfect but the fact that she will take two decent naps and sleep in at least 7 hour stretches at night is far better than waking up four times during the night eat.  I clearly remember Remy's first big sleep because she had just transitioned to her crib.  It was the first time in a long time that I slept hard - like I woke up in the same position that I had fallen asleep in hard.  I rolled over and looked at the clock and began to freak out because it was 4:00 a.m. and she hadn't woken up yet!  She then slept another hour until she started to stir and I had to get up with her.  While I was stoked that she had decided to sleep ten hours, I was a bit hesitant to see how wet her pajamas and sheets would be when I got her up.  However, with Remy being our third baby I got smart when it came to nighttime protection.  I stocked up on Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers for when this amazing night of long sleep would finally occur.

What makes these diapers so great?
Well, there are several reasons.  First of all, Huggies Little Snugglers are preferred by Mom over Pampers Swaddlers and help keep your little one's skin clean and healthy.  Even though her diaper may be wet, the breathable outer cover helps keep her comfortable and lets that skin breathe.  I also love the fact that Little Snugglers are fragrance and lotion free too which won't irritate my sweet girl's sensitive skin.   As Remy started sleeping in these longer stretches, the pocketed-back waistband was designed to keep the mess in where it belongs - and I mean ALL the mess.  I feel confident knowing that Huggies Little Snugglers were made to protect my baby's skin and keep her comfortable - which makes these long stretches of sleep just that much sweeter!

Recently my husband and I got a membership to Sam's Club and I have to be honest, it has been the best investment yet!  We make a monthly trip to stock up on our life necessities and have saved so much money with their prices.  Huggies Little Snugglers are always on my list (one box lasts a good solid month moms!) as well as Huggies Natural Care Wipes.  I love these wipes because they are gentle and soft for Remy's skin yet the thick TripleClean layers can handle any mess.  Huggies Natural Care Wipes are hypoallergenic, fragrance and alcohol free with a touch of aloe and Vitamin E to provide a gentle clean.  While some wipes can be harsh and cause Remy's little tush to get red and irritated, these wipes continue to show me why Huggies wipes are the #1 branded choice of moms!

Want in on a little secret?
Right now when you buy any two packages of Little Snugglers diapers and/or Natural Care wipes between 5/9/16 and 6/30/16, you can get a $10 Sam's Club e-gift card!  Just snap a photo of your receipt and text or email it to by 7/15/16.  Within minutes you should get your code and instructions on how to get your $10 Sam's e-gift card!

*Get a $3 instant savings on Huggies Little Snugglers at Sam's Club from now until 6/4!*

You guys, it's okay because I'm tired too.  I mean we were consistently sleeping through the night here recently until Remy sprouted a cold, double ear infection and decided to pop 4 teeth one right after the other.  But it really does go by so quickly and one day your baby won't need you to rock them back to sleep after a bottle or bad dream.  I keep telling myself to enjoy the little moments because it won't be like this for long!

Check out Huggies' website for more great offers!



Thursday, May 12, 2016

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2016*

Today was his end of the year field trip at school.  Their entire class (bravely) went to BounceU but had an absolute blast!  I was talking to one of the moms he rode with and she told me he told her he couldn't remember the name of the school he will go to next year but he's pretty sure he lives in the United States of America.  
And we will be working on our address this summer...

I have been searching high and low for sheets for Lola's room and found some at Pottery Barn for a whopping $80.  Just as I was about to splurge and spend a ridiculous amount of money for my two year old's sheets, I found these heart ones at Target for $17.  See?? Reason 239480293483 why Target is the  I have just a few more finishing touches and then I'll do a post on her big girl room!

Girlfriend gave mom a solid two weeks of sleeping through the night.  I'm talking 7-7.  It. Was. Awesome.  Well, then she decided to bust out her top two teeth, get another cold and has two ear infections.  Now can someone show me where my coffee is I'd greatly appreciate it.


A Letter to the Class of 2029

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Dear Graduates of 2029,

You are about to embark on the biggest journey of your life.  It is a momentous milestone that I'm sure is causing mothers to cry rivers of tears across the board.  In a just a few short months you will be entering the first phase of the rest of your life -- Kindergarten.  Over the next thirteen years you will be molded and shaped into the person who you will represent for the rest of your life.  I know.  It's kind of a big deal.  So I wanted to share with you a few wise words that I hope you will one day look back upon and appreciate.

1.  Don't Regret
You will make mistakes but that's okay, it's part of living.  Sometimes you will fall and life may even push you down.  But don't dwell on it and certainly don't give up.  Take that teachable moment and run with it - don't let regret hold you back.

2.  Take Chances
Sometimes your fears will get in the way, but you will never know if you don't try! Be confident and willing to try new experiences.  Meet new friends, taste new foods and try out different sports.  Step up to the plate with your head held high and with a positive attitude that is willing to try it out.

3.  Live in the Moment
I promise - it's okay to let your hair down, even if you think people are watching.  Look at what is happening and let bygones be bygones.  That's a saying for a good reason!  Wake up each morning with an open mind and trust your heart.  Live for today and make your memories lasting ones!

4. Be You
Don't be afraid to be you and only you.  Trust your gut and show it off.  Be proud of who you are and what you are becoming.  It's okay to be original and stand out in the crowd.  But most importantly, stay true to yourself!

The next thirteen years will be some of the best years of your life.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes they will seem hard and I'm not saying you won't cry or get frustrated, but you will only remember what you make of it.  So take it one day at a time and live it up while you can.  Now saddle up and enjoy the ride!

I think I can sum this up with a quote from only the best author, Dr. Seuss:
"You're off to great places!  Today is your day!  Your mountain is waiting.  So...get on your way!"

**This post is for you, Cohen Lee.  I am so proud of you and can't wait to watch you make your journey.**



Monday, May 9, 2016

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2016*

This kid loves all and everything outdoors.  We've had some serious rainy days here lately which has made us a bit stir crazy.  With just nine days left of PreK, I'm getting excited for days at the pool, park and more!  But the fact he's graduating from PreK in nine days is giving me a bit of anxiety.

Everything about this picture is Lola in a nutshell.  From the Cheetos residue on her face and neck to the diva stink eye - the kid is a real character.   But most importantly let's address the fact that her hair is in a ponytail!  It took a bit of convincing to let me get that bow in her hair but we are slowly making strides people.

This No-Nap-Ninja is giving me a run for my money here lately.  She goes in spurts from having great weeks of sleep to being up all damn day and night.  She's lucky she's cute.  And she's lucky I love coffee.


April in Photos

Monday, May 2, 2016

How it is already May is beyond me!  Bring on the pool days, bright sunshiney skies and evening dinners outside.  April was pretty good to us, I can't lie.  We had some pretty amazing weather days which always makes for easy bedtimes.  
But it's time to clean out my phone because I'm to the point where I can't take anymore pictures.  
So here's my favorites from April...courtesy of the iPhone6.  

My favorite part of our lazy mornings - coffee and sisters. 

Meet Tornado.  She made this mess in under 30 minutes.  Whatever Sis.  As long as Mom can get a workout in.

I sold the baby swing.  Insert crying emoji.
But we traded it in for our favorite jumper.  All the heart eyes.

Our new Saturday mornings.

A couple rainy day field trips to burn off some steam.

Bedtime Shenanigans, Bubble Baths and Baby Toes.

Give me all the warm weather.

FaceSwap.  Best invention ever.

Happy May!  And go vote Indiana!