My Sister Girls

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I always wanted a daughter.  Gimme all the pink, bows and tutus that are allowed.  When I found out Lola was a girl I was elated because now I had the best of both worlds - a boy and a girl!  So when Baby #3 came along I knew it was a boy.  Even the Chinese calendar, who had been spot on for both Cohen and Lola, determined that this baby was a boy.  
Can you imagine my shock when the ultrasound tech typed in "girl" on the picture?

Double the bows.
Double the pink.
Double the tutus.
Double the expenses.

The fact that my last two are close in age and both girls was meant to be.  While Remy adores all things Cohen, there's something between her and Lola that convinces me they will be the best of friends as they get older. 

I mean, Remy is already sharing Lola's old clothes.  That's where it begins anyways, right?


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