Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready to Play: A Baseball Themed Thank You Gift

Sunday, May 15, 2016

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I have recently taken on another role in the family - Baseball Mom.  My husband is in heaven because this is his sport - the one he grew up playing.  This season has brought back tons of happy memories for him from his childhood.  Cohen jumped straight from basketball right into baseball,which made me a little nervous.  But so far I have to say (when the weather is nice that is) I have really enjoyed loading up the girls and going to his games.  We have hit the coaching jackpot in each sport that he's played so far.  I'm finding how intense sports can be, even at a young age, so I get nervous to see who Cohen will get as his coach.  Luckily this year for baseball his coaches are amazing!  They are super patient and I'm impressed with how much he has learned even at the instructional level.  As a teacher I understand how these little bodies can wear on one's mental health, so I decided to put together a few thank-you gifts to show his coaches how much my husband and I really appreciate their effort.

I was headed to Market District (our Giant Eagle retailer) to stock up on their amazing produce and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to grab my thank-you items.  This store has literally everything you could imagine so I knew I could find what I needed!  I was having so much fun browsing the aisles when I stopped in the soda and juice aisle.  Immediately my eye was drawn to the cute mini-cans of Coca-Cola™ that were stocked on the shelves.  As a I looked closer I realized they had song lyrics on the cans which made me start looking at every can to read which lyrics had been printed.  My favorite was the lyric, "What I like about you," because when I was in elementary school they used to blare this song over the speakers at the ballpark.  It brought back so many fun memories of elementary school and running through the diamonds with our dirty, dusty feet.  I busted out the Shazam App on my iPhone and started playing my Coca-Cola Share a Song while I finished my shopping.  I also grabbed a 20oz Coca-Cola bottle when I saw the lyrics, "Go big or go home!"  This made me laugh because his coach is always yelling this at the kids when they go up to bat.  It was perfect for our thank-you basket!  I decided I wanted the rest of the basket to go with a baseball theme.  I grabbed my favorite snacks that we eat at a baseball game along with some little baseball favors and toys.  These items would be the perfect addition to the Coca-Cola cans and bottle for the thank you gift.

It probably is the teacher in me, but I love putting together fun little gifts and projects for other people.  Deciding on the baseball theme made it even more fun because I could personalize it for each of the coaches.  

Baseball Themed Gift Basket
1.  Begin by choosing a cute basket or bowl to hold all of your treats inside.  I found a cute baseball bowl at a local party store that wasn't huge yet just the perfect size for our gift.

2.  Sort your treats and the items you want to include.  I started by placing the Coca-Cola cans and bottle in the basket first so then I could use the smaller treats to fill around them.

3.  Next I placed my bagged treats around the cans and bottle.  I found clear plastic party bags to put different candy and snacks in that followed my theme, like licorice and sunflower seeds.

4.  Finally, fill in the extra space with your smaller items.  I found candy baseballs, a plastic whistle and soft baseball toys that I knew their kids would appreciate too.

The thank-you baskets were a huge hit and the fact that they were personalized made them even more special.  Baseball season has brought our family so many happy memories, so I'm thankful that we were able to show our appreciation to the coaches who have made it possible!

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What things have sparked childhood memories for you?  Do you have have favorite song lyrics that bring these memories alive?



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  1. What a fun gift basket. My son is also playing baseball and I'm so impressed with his coaches too. They definitely deserve a little appreciation for all they do! {client}