Our Summer Bucket List

Monday, June 20, 2016

I'm kind of in disbelief that we are already into the middle of June.  Soon we will be school shopping, trying to adjust our bodies to school bed times and getting back to the hustle of busy mornings on the go.  But I refuse to let the speed of time get me down, so I will push that to the back of my mind and start worrying on more important things - like what the weather will be like tomorrow.

One night Cohen and I were driving home from a rare grocery trip with just the two of us.  He was talking about how much he loved summer so I decided we should list some of the things we wanted to do before he headed off to Kindergarten and I tackled the working world again.  We have already crossed a few of these things off of our list, but I have to say that once again we have a pretty fun and exciting Summer Bucket List.  Plus I figured it was only fitting to share this on the first day of summer!

1.  Go strawberry picking

2.  Have a family picnic dinner at the park

3.  Play with friends at the Splash Pad

4.  Camp out in the backyard

5.  Spend an entire day at the waterpark

6.  Make blanket forts in the basement 

7.  Enjoy a family movie night

8.  Potty train Lola (this was my idea, obviously)

9.  Take a family trip to Cincinnati

10.  Play laser tag

11.  Sign up for the Library Summer Reading Program - AND FINISH IT!

12.  Pick blueberries

13.  Take a family bike ride

14.  Visit Nana and Papa

15.  Go to the Indianapolis Zoo

16.  Enjoy an outdoor concert

17.  Take Lola to her first movie

18.  Have a lemonade stand

19.  Eat breakfast on the Monon

20.  Family FroYo date

21.  Invite a friend over for a sleepover

22.  Make a homemade pie

23. Meet Dad for a lunch date

24.  Swim with Jenna and Jacey

25. Visit the Farmer's Market

As you can see, these kiddos love summer as much as I do!  I will gladly spend an afternoon at the pool with these kids - even if it does take us 30 minutes just to leave the house.

Bring it, Summer!  We are ready!


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  1. Those all sound like fun things on your list. That's great you've already been able to accomplish some. I feel the same way - summer goes by too quickly!