Wednesday, July 6, 2016

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2016*

A few weeks ago (when this should have been posted, I'm a week behind, I will catch up this week...) we spent a long weekend up north visiting family.  Our Aunt Rah Rah has a wonderful pool that is just down the road from my parents so on one sunny day where we actually had a moment to breathe, we took the kids over for a little swim.  And of course Rah Rah had spoiled them with a surf board, squirt guns and all kinds of fun rafts.  This kid was in heaven with the "surf board" she bought him and it went everywhere with us - including the bathroom when we took a bath.  He's getting so brave in the water - I hope to get him in some swim lessons when his sports slow down but unfortunately, that's not going to happen soon!
Little Miss is getting more and more comfortable in the water.  She is just about the right size for her Puddle Jumper now, and I'm slowly getting her to swim around the pool with me.  Lola is quite content playing on the stairs with her toys when we have to go swim in the big pool with Cohen.  But when she can have her turn in the little pool she is a swimmy, little fish!  I think we may even conquer the fear of water over our head by the end of the summer - fingers crossed!

And because her Rah Rah couldn't forget about little Remy, she spent her time floating around in this little whale.  The way she kicks her legs around is hilarious, which makes for some good naps because she wears herself out.  I used it last week in the little pool and she was able to touch, so she walked/ran around the pool and had a blast!


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  1. How cute and how fun! I wish we had a pool that my kids could play in. None of them know how to swim.