June Photo Dump

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

How is it already July?  Really, how has July 4th already come and gone?

Let's not talk about the end of summer, okay?  Instead, let's enjoy a few of my favorite pictures in June of my precious little cherubs.

Morning milk, Peppa Pig and Poptarts together.  Lola will do anything her brother tells her to do - like singing the diarrhea song one thousand times.

Brady has been getting some extra loving lately.  This old guy turns 10 on Friday.

Lola survived her first dentist appointment with rave reviews so we celebrated with an evening at the library.  She really wasn't as scared as she looks, I promise. 

Cold or hot just give me all.the.coffee.

These two have been little peas in a pod lately.  Kurtis asked if I thought they'd be best friends.  You tell me what you think.

Evening swings and bicycle rides are a common occurrence.  Sometimes in our Elsa hat.  Summer, please don't end.

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