Safety 1st Grow and Go EX Air - A Car Seat that Will Grow with You

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Disclosure:  Thanks to Safety 1st for allowing my family the opportunity to try this amazing car seat out!

So we finally made the leap and upgraded to a more comfortable family car.  My husband is now sporting a fancy Ford Explorer Sport which comfortably seats six people.  But let's not discuss who is driving this car right now... (I'll give you one guess.  It's not me.)


When we started transferring seats into the new car, we realized our current seat wasn't going to work.  I love the car seat Lola has now, but it is super bulky and didn't fit well behind the driver's side when Kurtis had his seat back.  So I told him to try this car seat out and see how it fit - and it fit like a glove indeed!  The Safety 1st Grow and Go EX Air offers a compact install which allows up to 7" more legroom for adult, front passengers.  Kurtis could comfortably move his seat back without hitting the seat or feeling cramped.  This car seat is also great because it offers extended use through three different stages - rear facing, forward facing and belt positioning booster.  Basically it grows with your child and there's no need to buy another car seat as they get older.   

Here are a few other amazing features about the Safety 1st Grow and Go EX Air car seat:
--It has machine washable and dryer safe pads that make those scary messes easy to clean up.  Just unsnap the pad from the frame and you're ready to clean!

--This car seat offers a three position recline to make sure it fits well in any vehicle.

--The QuickFit Harness makes adjusting the harness and headrest simple in just one step.

--In and Out Harness Holders keep straps out of the way when buckling

--It is offers superior safety with AirProtect which is an advanced cushion system that provides extra protection.

--Accessories include two cup holders and grow-with-baby pillows for a comfortable ride.

--The easy belt access panels built into the seat make for an easy installation.

So what is my opinion on the seat?

After using the seat for a couple of weeks, I can honestly say I really like it.  Lola can easily climb up and sit right in it.  Plus the clips make it super simple to buckle her up.  I also love the how the harnesses make it easy to ensure you are clipping and pulling them up safely and correctly.  That has always been one of my biggest concerns when other people buckle my kids up, so this puts my mama mind just a bit more at ease.  Lola has comfortably traveled in the her Grow and Go EX Air without complaints.  Personally I think she loves having two cup holders - one for her milk and one for her snacks.  Another plus is knowing we'll be saving money in the long run by getting use out of the three different stages.  I'm excited to know that we won't have to shop for a booster seat for Lola when she gets older because we will already have the belt positioning booster!  Safety 1st has always been a brand that I felt I could trust and after using the Grow and GO EX Air, I will continue to purchase their products.

Check out Amazon and Babies 'R' Us to purchase your Safety 1st Grow and Go EX Air.  The car seat retails for $199.99.


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