Simple Hairdos for Busy Moms + Giveaway

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Disclosure:  The information, product, gift card, and giveaway have been provided to me by Ontel. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I recently returned to teaching since taking a year off when I had Remy.  While it has been a tough transition, there have also been a few things I think I kind of took for granted.  The first luxury I miss is being able to use the bathroom whenever I want.  For real.  Any teacher will shout AMEN to that one because when you are in the classroom, there is about a 3% chance that you can go the bathroom at the moment you feel it is necessary.  Another fabulous thing I miss about staying home with my kids (besides my kids of course, that's just a given, right?) is being able to wear yoga pants or running shorts on the daily.  Winter will be the death of me I'm quite sure when I have to put on real pants.  Finally, I miss being able to jump into the shower, get out and get dressed and go on with my day.  I didn't have to put on makeup unless I wanted to nor did I have to do my hair.  Actually, besides the hormonal falling out stage, my hair has remained extremely healthy because I haven't had to dry it or style it daily for work.

But gone are those days and hello are the early mornings before the sun and actually waking up to an alarm.
All the crying emojis please.

Around the time Remy was born, I started using dry shampoo and I haven't gone back since.  I will go a few days between washes and my hair will still look and smell fabulous.  It also cuts back on the drying and styling time which therefore allows for me to hit snooze at least twice before finally rolling out of bed.  But I also discovered another great styling tool to add to my morning routine - Simply Straight.  I had seen Simply Straight a few times before so I was curious to see how it worked.

What is Simply Straight?
It is a ceramic hair straightening brush that has the benefits of a flat iron and the ease of using a comb.  Since it is a brush, it won't flatten or damage your locks, rather allows you to gently style your hair easily and quickly.  Simply Straight has adjustable temperatures to heat up to the ideal temperature for your hair in a matter of seconds.  The ceramic-wrapped bristles easily detangle hair and help add volume at the roots while creating straight and healthy, shiny hair.

After using Simply Straight a few times, I quickly became a fan.  My hair has a weird wave to it.  It's not completely curly or wavy, but it is fine with a kind of kink if you may. 
The results are somewhat subtle but I could definitely tell that after using the Simply Straight, my kinks were gone and my hair was less stringy than before.  It was super easy to just comb right through while straightening at the same time.  Plus it was super gentle without any tugging or pulling like you sometimes get with a flat iron.

One of my favorite features of the Simply Straight is the auto shut off.  I am the kind of person that obsessively worries whether I turned off my hair tools after using them.  There have been several times that I was certain I was going to return home from work to see my the fire department at house while it was engulfed in flames.  But after 60 minutes of power, the Simply Straight will activate the auto shut off and the straightening brush turns off on your own.  No more nightmares or worries for me!  I also really liked was how fast Simply Straight would heat up.  You choose the temperature you want it at and within a matter of seconds your brush is hot and ready to use.  The fact that Simply Straight will get as hot as 450 degrees is another plus.  Not that I will use it at that hot of a temperature, but I do like to make sure I'm not wasting my time and my tools are actually doing the job that was intended for them to be doing.

After using my Simply Straight on my hair, I was able to quickly pull together a couple of my favorite hairstyles for when life gets busy (or maybe you just didn't get out of bed on time) but you still want to look put together.

Sheek Boho Twist

I like this look because it is super quick, relaxed and if it falls out I know that I can fix it without really needing a mirror.  Basically you take about a one inch section from the front of your hair on each side.  Then, twist it back and pin it.  Like I said, I love the looser look because it reminds me of something you'd wear to the beach or when cruising the lake on a boat.

Half Top Knot

 If you know me, you know I love a good top knot!  This half top knot is super cute and puts a fun twist on a straightened look.  Simply part your hair at the top, giving yourself a decent chunk of hair.  Then, twist around your finger as if you are making cinnamon rolls.  Next, secure it with a hair time.  Finally, use a couple of bobby pins to pull out sections and pin pieces down for a full and chunky bun.

But because I love you all so much and I want to make #momlife easier for you, I want to give you the chance to win a Simply Straight Ceramic Straightening Brush for yourself!  One lucky winner will have the chance to win their very own - just enter the Rafflecopter below!

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  1. A pony tail is my go-to mommy hair style.

  2. I love to braid my hair in the summer for a fast Go to Mommy hair style.

  3. My favorite on the go style is a side braid.