August Photo Dump

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

As I attempted to do the update on my phone for the bazillionth time, I realized I hadn't cleaned off my pictures for the month of August.  And it's almost October.  Mother Time you are mean.

That one time we went to an auction and my husband thought he was bidding on a pergola when in fact he almost spent $1000 on a private dinner...

The Indiana State Fair did us good this year.

That one time I won Cohen a fish.  He named the fish Fishnado.  I spent $5 on fish food and Fishnado died the next day.
For real people.

Walking to Kinder orientation.  All the tears.

And just like that, we had a Kindergartner. 

First day of Kinder.  First day of football practice.

Because she still is my best sleeper.

My sister girls

I love watching the Outdoor Learning Lab being built outside of Cohen's school.  My favorite part of my runs.

Cornfields and Baby Blues

I was a rebel and went out on a school see the Dixie Chicks.
And I got to see my former work bestie.  And I miss her tone.


When the best park is at your Dad's work.

Just because.  That's all.


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