Four Tips to Kicking That Diaper Rash + Giveaway

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Disclosure:  The information, products, gift card, and giveaway have been provided to me by Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My family just got over some kind of horrible stomach bug.  But it wasn't the puke-your-guts-out-flu,   rather the "other end" kind, which is terrible when you have diapers to change.  Remy was the first to get this bug and it took her a good three days to let it run it's course.  It was an every diaper change kind of event that just kept irritating her bum with every wipe.  I'm talking red rash and even a set of blisters.  The girl was miserable.  After a trip to the pediatrician and a few tricks from the nurse practitioner, we survived this first round of stomach issues.  So how did we survive?  Here are a few tips that worked for us!

1.  Warm Water Washcloth
While wipes may be the easiest (and less messy) route, just regular water on a washcloth was the best way to clean Remy's messy booty.  Her butt was already super irritated, so the wipes made the rash worse which made the diaper changing situation horrible.  I ended up just wetting a few washcloths at a time and keeping them in an empty wipes box.  That way I could grab them when I was getting ready for diaper duty without stressing about a baby rolling away with a butt covered in poop.

2.  Air It Out
After changing the unpredictable diaper, I would clean Remy up real well and let her crawl around diaper-less.  Think about it - their poor butts are covered with these diapers that are meant not to leak, which is great!  But not when you need to air a horrible diaper rash.  The nurse practitioner also recommended using a blow dryer on a low, cool setting to blow on their bums to make sure the rash is dry before you diaper up again.  A little tip - hardwood floors are a lot easier to clean up than carpets if there is an accident.  I may be saying this from experience...

3.  Diaper Often
When Remy sprouted the blisters, I started setting a timer to remind myself to change her diaper every 30 minutes.  While this may cost you a little bit more in the weekly diaper budget, it really made a difference when she wasn't sitting in her wet diaper causing more damage to the rash.  

4. Find a Diaper Rash Cream that Works for You
Every baby is different.  I have had three kids and they all react differently to different types of lotions and creams.  So when it comes to lathering up that diaper rash, find a cream that will do the job and protect your little one's sensitive skin.  Bourdreaux's Butt Paste is made to help soothe and relieve your baby's precious little bottom.  It is free of dyes, parabens, preservatives, phthalates and talc, which are ingredients found in many other diaper rash creams.  My pediatrician even recommended using a rash cream or ointment as a barrier between the butt and the diaper.  Bourdreaux's Butt Paste was specifically formulated to provide the thickest barrier of protection.  Depending on the nature of your baby's rash, Bourdreaux's is available in three formulas: Original with 16% zinc oxide which creates a barrier to seal out wetness, Maximum Strength Formula with 40% zinc oxide for over 2x the rash fighting power, and the All Natural Formula with 16% zinc oxide and natural and soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera. 

Even after three kids, I still needed some good tips to tackle Remy's horrible diaper rash.  Sadly, flu season isn't even upon us, but at least I know I will be prepared this year!

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  1. I use Bourdreaux's Butt Paste when rash appears

  2. use a diaper rash treatment to sooth and heal.

  3. When diaper rash shows up on my grandson, I make sure to bath the area really well and apply an ointment.

  4. I use a good Diaper Rash Cream like Bourdreaux’s butt paste and I diaper often to make sure baby stays dry and to stop a diaper rash before it happens.

  5. When I notice diaper rash I keep it clean and dry.

  6. I kick a diaper rash by washing the bottom after dirty diapers and making sure the bottom is completely dry before applying cream. If I am at home I let the baby roam free without a diaper.

  7. We use original Bourdreaux's Butt Paste to help.

  8. We use original Bourdreaux's Butt Paste to help.

  9. We treat it right away, and put him in the tub to soak!

  10. I let the baby air dry as much as possible.

  11. I change the diaper often, if I notice a diaper rash.

  12. I make sure to change the diaper often and keep the area dry.

  13. I try to let the baby go as unrestricted as possible, change the diet and use great butt paste!

  14. I put butt paste on every diaper change until the rash is gone. I also like to give my son a bath then let him air dry.