Remy - 10 Months

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Remy // 10 months
Weight:23 lbs 8 oz
Height: 29 inches

This picture is really the best picture I can get of the moving machine.  Honestly, it is a perfect image of her personality.  Miss Thang is a classic third baby - girlfriend knows what she wants and will get it.  She is so busy and into ALL.THE.THINGS.  I literally can't turn my back without her eating the dog food, trying to crawl up the stairs or pulling the folded laundry that should have been put away off of the tables and chairs.

Did I mention I'm tired?  Oh yeah.  Still. 

Here is what Remy has been up to the last month:

The scale keeps creeping up on this one.  But since she has started moving, things have slowed down a little bit.  Remy is comfortable in 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers.  I have a few 6-12 month outfits that still fit but I'm squeezing her into these summer outfits for the last month whether she likes it or not.  I need to have Kurtis get out the winter bin so I can start washing and hanging things up because I'm not sure how much of Lola's stuff will fit her this winter!  But who am I kidding - like I'm upset about having to go shopping...

Remy LOVES her bottles.  She gets 6 oz first thing in the morning, two 4 oz bottles during the day and one 6 oz before night.  As for food, she basically eats whatever we are eating but in moderation.  She loves all pasta, bread, grilled cheese, steamed veggies, fruit, pizza - I could go on for days.  I made cauliflower the other day and steamed a few pieces for her.  I was certain she was going to gag but girlfriend LOVED it!  Remy is all about self feeding so she is pretty much naked for every meal.  We are just getting over some kind of stomach bug so her appetite is coming back again and I'm excited to try a few new meals this week to see how she likes them!

I finally think we have this mostly under control.  I went balls to the wall with crying it out and she finally realized I wasn't going to come in and she needed to quit standing up in her crib and go back to sleep.  While the last week was hard because she was getting over Hand Foot Mouth and a serious bout of explosive diapers (even in the middle of the night), I think we are on the other side of that mess.  Now, her naps have gone back to sucking but that's because she has no interest in napping while at the sitter.  This, however, has caused a huge amount of stress in my life because she is a hot mess when I bring her home for the evening.  My hope is when she is switched to one nap a day, things will get better.  

Remy stands EVERYWHERE!  I had this adorable garland hanging over her bed until I was watching her over the monitor pulling at it and trying to eat it.  Kurtis lowered her crib as low as it would go but dang, this girl has some serious Stretch Armstrong arms!  She is so close to walking.  Remy stands, then squats, then stands, then squats and then sits.  Once she realizes I'm not there she is like, "Peace Out" and falls to crawl again.  Really, I'm okay with this because I don't want her to grow up yet.  I love this squish and chub!

She also cut her ninth tooth and is working on ten.  I think she plans on having a steak for her first birthday instead of a smash cake.  #goals

The highlight of this girl's day is the moment she sees her brother when we pick him up from school.  Remy also loves music and has started to dance, which is the cutest thing I have ever seen!  I would also say she likes food and Brady's water bowl because if she isn't eating, she is having a splash party in the water bowl.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT take something away from her.  She also hates to be overly tired or set down when she's tired.  Lately she has turned into a real bear when it's time to get into her car seat but then gets over it once we start moving. 

This cheese smile kills me.


Remy Elizabeth,
Why are you already 10 months?  Really, why are you almost 11 months?  I have ordered your first birthday invites and have started the planning, which is making me awfully sad.  My life has been filled with tons of flashbacks and memories lately.  From when we unexpectedly found out you were coming but then to all of the exciting weekly appointments that led up to your (late) arrival.  You, my sweet Remmers, have filled our life with so much joy I can't even explain it.  Your smile is ridiculously contagious and your spirit is so wild.  I can't wait to see which mountains you move, Baby Girl!


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