Tuesday, October 11, 2016

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2016*

A few weeks ago we hit up the Apple Orchard on a Friday evening.  It ended up being the perfect time because no one was there, the kids could pick apples but still play on all of the stuff.  Cohen had a busy day with his school's fundraiser earlier.  But he really got into the apple picking this year, showing Lola how to pick the apples and telling her to leave the rotten ones on the ground.  He's such a big kid these days.  

The majority of this trip was spent eating apples.  Even though there were a million signs all around stating, "You must pay before you eat,"  this one didn't care.  She ate about three apples and I'm pretty sure two of them were straight from the ground.
I didn't get any good pictures of the baby enjoying the apples.  She was pretty content in her stroller until she realized it was way past her dinner time.  But her new favorite past time is watching the world out the window.  And those wrist rolls. I die.


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