39/52 and 40/52

Sunday, October 16, 2016

*A photograph of each of my children, once a week in 2016*

So let me start this post by saying I know I'm totally behind in my Project 52 posts.  There are good reasons as to why and I'll write a post with a life update here soon.  But until then, here a few combined pictures of my sweeties from the last two weeks.

Six seems so old to me.  I know it sound cliche but honestly, it really does feel like just yesterday were bringing him home from the hospital.  His itty-bitty self, being new parents, learning how to just survive - how was that all six years ago?  Now he's in Kindergarten - real life school, and playing sports, making friends and growing into such a little man.  When people tell you it goes fast believe them because it really does.

October is hard month for Lola.  Considering her mom, brother and sister all have birthdays in this month, she doesn't quite understand why she doesn't have hers too.  I have heard every day since Cohen's birthday, "Mom, it's almost my birthday."  Yes Lola, in 35 more days it is almost your birthday.

Our newest trick is standing.  Like from sitting to standing right up.  Remy has taken a few steps but nothing that is considered real walking.  But she loves to stand and clap for herself and others.  Then when she knows you are watching, she will laugh and smile that million dollar smile at you. 


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