Three Tips to Surviving the (Multiple) Holiday Dinners

Sunday, October 30, 2016

I can come right out and say that I am just like everyone else - I really do love the Holidays.  From the decorating to the music to the family gatherings, I love the spirit of the season and the joyfulness that it brings out in people.  This year we will be traveling to spend time with both of our families since Remy is no longer an infant.  It's fun to see everyone, watch the kids play and eat copious amounts of food.  And when I say copious, I mean "so much food I think my eye are going to pop out of my head."  But after doing this for a few years now, I have learned a few things that helped keep me balanced and in check so I can enjoy the good company AND the food at the same time.

1.  Pace Yourself
Seems easy enough, right?  However, my giant sweet tooth loves to get the best of my during the Holidays and my eyes always end up being way bigger than my stomach.  So I have learned to take it easy on the food and do a little at a time.  If I do cheesecake at one dinner then I aim for lighter snacks, like veggies or fruit at the next one.  Checks and balances, people.  I can still enjoy ALL.THE.FOOD. but I have to smart about it otherwise I pay for it over the next few days after we celebrate.

 As you can see, this one struggles with pacing herself.

2.  Bring a Water Bottle
I love my trusty purple water bottle.  This big guy goes everywhere with me - school, car, gym, and now family holiday dinners.  When it's in my face and in the vicinity of my hands, I will drink more than I would with just a glass.  By keeping up on my water, I find that I don't pick and eat when I'm really not hungry.  Plus it helps me stay hydrated and my fingers don't swell from the extra sodium intake.

3.  Stock Up on PEPCID®
Oh hey there, heartburn.  Seriously though, nothing says, "Happy Holidays!" like a painful case of heartburn after dinner.  What I love about PEPCID® is you don't have to choose about hurting now or hurting later because it starts neutralizing acids in seconds.  It lasts all day or night, so it's heartburn relief that will last.  When I'm picking up my last minute holiday essentials at Walmart, I always make sure to grab a bottle to keep in the purse.  By chewing up a tablet or two in between meals, I can combat that heartburn which lets me enjoy the holidays without feeling the burn...literally.

Before we know it the holiday season is going to be upon us!  I mean for real guys, it's almost November!  I'm excited to enjoy it with family but I'm even more excited to have a plan to fully enjoy the meal spread that will be offered.

Don't miss your chance to get your $3 coupon off PEPCID® (or IMODIUM® or LACTAID® too!) in your Sunday paper on November 6th!  Stock up on those products that will help you be prepared for that holiday heartburn.

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