Holiday Travel Bag Must Haves

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Traveling for the holidays gives me anxiety.  Traveling with three children plus a dog for the holidays gives me ulcers.  While I love spending time with family and friends, being away from home is just not my jam.  This year we are heading up north to spend time with our families for Thanksgiving.  On Thursday we plan on stuffing our face with my family.  My mom seems to forget there are only six adults and 3 kids, but actually just one who will really eat.  The food is everything I dream of each holiday and more!  I guess in the end that's good for me because I can stock my cooler to the brim with leftovers.  But then on Friday, we will be having an early meal with Kurtis' family.  The spread is again, pretty much the same as the day before, which is awesome but two days of stuff-tastic meals does a number on me.  I'm talking indigestion, heartburn - the whole nine yards.  And then we have to get back into the car and drive the two and half hours home.  With three kids and a dog.

Hold me.

This year I packed my bag early full of things I know will be useful for our car ride home after the big meals.  Considering I won't have time to get a run or workout in before we leave, I hope to be mindful on my food choices but also prepared to tame the heartburn beast as it tries to attack.

Here are my Holiday Travel Bag Must Haves:
1.  Wipes::  No really, give me all.the.wipes.  I will use these things when my children are teenagers.  While they won't be helpful with the digestion issues, they do come handy for dirty hands, spills or even emergency bathroom runs if you know what I mean...

2.  Fruit Snacks::  I may call these things babysitters.  And when you sit in the car for over two hours with three children, you will need a good babysitter.

3.  Lip Balm::  After stuffing my face for two straight days, the salt really gets to me.  Keeping my lips moist helps me feel comfortable and focus less on the digestion issues that are usually occurring.

4.  Water Bottle:: This is my second trusty water bottle and he goes with me wherever I go.  I find that staying hydrated helps curb the "I'm not really hungry but that looks so good" appetite but also eases the hunger pangs too. 

5.  Head Phones::  Again, in a car.  With three kids.  End of story.

6.  Laptop::  I'm a workaholic and now that I own two small businesses, I try to utilize my time the best that I can.  Sometimes I'll link up to my hotspot and get some work done...until the carsickness strikes.

7.  PEPCID®::  Last week when I was stock up on Thanksgiving goodies at Walmart, I made sure to throw some PEPCID® into my cart for this road trip.  These trusty tabs are perfect to relieve digestive health issues and help the long, car ride feel just a little more comfortable.  Heartburn is no joke and PEPCID® knows I'm not playing around.  So I can enjoy my meals and know PEPCID® has my back (and my heartburn) too!

But now it's getting late and I must prepare for the journey up north.  My only thing I will be thankful this year is if my kids decide to sleep while we are gone.  Is that so hard to ask?

Be sure to look in your Sunday newspaper for savings up to $3 off IMODIUM®, LACTAID® & PEPCID® and to find all the products they need to be prepared for the holiday at their nearest Walmart!

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