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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spring is FINALLY here. While it may be snowing (yes, SNOWING) here in Indiana today, the forecast is sunny skies and 70 degrees this weekend. (Indiana weather is a hot mess people.) While I love nothing more than the breeze through an open window, it is an even better combination when paired with a fresh and clean house. My husband recently replaced our carpet with wood floors and as a mom of three littles and a wild dog, I love that it makes cleaning up easier. However, my kids refuse to wear shoes when the weather is warm so I find myself mopping and cleaning up little piggy toe marks off the floor several times a week.

But when it comes to cleaners, I like to do a my research a bit. I prefer to find ones that aren't loaded with harmful chemicals but can still give my house a mean clean. After the hard work my husband put into these floors, he too can agree that he prefers a cleaner that provides an effective clean for our hardwoods but one that is gentle without added dyes or scents. Bona free & simple is a water based formula that is hypoallergenic - which means it is safe to use around my kiddos and pets. Plus it removes over 93.3% of allergens from hard surfaces and is certified allergy and asthma friendly by the AAFA, which is especially important for Cohen who has respiratory issues.

Bona free & simple cleaner is simple to use. Just three steps actually!

1. Spray in the area you want to clean.

2. Wipe and clean.

3. Repeat!

I told you it was super easy! My floors look great and those little piggy marks are easily cleaned and wiped away! Now with three kiddos (and six feet) running around this house, Bona free & simple will help make cleaning up after my family so much easier.

For more information and to find where you can find Bona free & simple near you, check out their website!

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