Bundling Memories of Our Final Firecracker

Friday, June 30, 2017

Remy is our third, and final, baby of the family. We like to refer to her as our spicy child because that's what she is - extremely spicy with a fiery mind of her own. It's hard for me to think back on last summer because she was just learning to do baby things like eat baby food, roll over and crawl on her own. This summer is a whole new situation. Rather than learning how to do things, Remy is learning (and being reminded) how NOT to do things. What do you mean, you ask? Like, standing on ALL THE THINGS. Standing on the table, the couch, the chair, the toys; I would call it the summer of, "No Remy!" But as much as it may drive me nuts, my husband reminded the other night that this is it - we will never have another baby at this stage of life again. And that struck a heart string because he's right, we will never experience the innocent and happy mischief of the toddler age again. The little stinker face that looks at you when she knows she is doing something wrong, this is the final time it will actually be cute. These are the memories I want to bundle up and keep forever of my little mover and shaker.

This summer has been busy already and I've decided to spend the last month of break staying in the moment with my family as much as I can. I want to experience things with them and create memories that we will look back on in a few years and say, "Hey! Remember when..." So I want to be prepared and not have to waste my time on little things and trips to the store. On a recent trip to Sam's Club I decided to stock up for the remainder of the summer on diapers and wipes for Remy because that is one less thing I have to worry about. I've always been a fan of Huggies for my family and I love that I can get up a month's supply at once at my local club. Right now, you can get $10 two diapers, wipes or pants bundles and $18 off any three. Not only did I save time, but I also saved money too!

The convenience of this store saves my family so much time and allows me to spend that extra time with them. For me, I love to utilize the the Club pick-up as much as I can. You can order online and Sam's Club will have everything ready for you when you go to pick it up! Just check in on the app or the kiosk in the store to bypass the lines and check out fast. I'm kind of obsessed with the Scan&Go feature that allows you to use the app to check out faster. Once again, Sam's Club to the rescue when it comes to allowing me to save time to spend the last moments of this summer that is quickly passing by us!

While I know our family is complete, I can't help but feel sad that we won't ever experience these fun little stages with a little one again. But I think that's why capturing these memories and bundling them with new ones is even more important. One of my favorite quotes comes from Ferris Bueller. He simply states, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." And boy, is he right.