My Three Mom Hacks to Simplify My Busy Life

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Store Brand Formula. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

It's no secret that when you have kids, your life gets busy. And by adding more to the crew just adds to the chaos.  While at times I may want to pull my hair out, I wouldn't trade my crazy mom life for anything. Since becoming a mom eight years ago, I have learned some tips that help keep life moving just a little bit smoother. It may not make life perfect, but it does help alleviate some stress and I hope these three mom hacks can be helpful to you too!

1. Plan Your Outfits for the Week

Now that all three of my kids go to school at least four out of the five days, we are hustling to get ready from the moment we wake up. On Sunday I will pull outfits out for each child for every day that they are in school. My son goes all five days so we pull five outfits for him, including socks and underwear, and set them in the designated drawer. The same thing goes my daughters for each day that they go to school. That way I can wake them up, they get their clothes from the drawer and get dressed and we aren't searching for socks seconds before the bus pulls up. This has also helped me ensure I am on my laundry game because if Cohen doesn't have clean pants, then I know it's time to get a load in the washer.

2. Breakfast and Snack Bin

My kids are creatures of nature and will typically eat the same breakfast every morning. I now buy breakfast items in bulk and throw them into the "Breakfast Bin" so I know exactly where to look for their breakfast each morning. This has also helped me push Cohen to be more independent because I can tell him to get his breakfast as soon as he gets dressed and he knows it's ready for him. I started doing the same thing with snacks and created a "Snack Bin" which has been especially helpful if I'm on a call for work or taking a kid to the potty or even if I'm in another room. I simply direct the kids to the snack bin and they know they can choose one of the snacks in there to enjoy for the time being.

3. Set Some Time Aside for You

While this may seem easier said than done, I can't stress how much this one tip has helped me maintain my sanity. Whether it's 10 minutes to eat a cookie alone in my closet, 30 minutes to go for a run outside or even hiring a babysitter one day a week for a couple of hours - when I took the time for myself, I felt as if I was a better person. Mentally I felt positive, I have a lot more patience and overall I feel like I am more present with my family. Being a mom is hard job and many times we put ourselves on the back burner. Pencil in some time for yourself because you know you deserve it.

It's clear that parenthood is a hard job and even with all the mom hacks, it can get overwhelming. But knowing you have a community by your side makes it just a little bit easier. I recently discovered Parents' NewsFEED, an online resource featuring lighthearted videos about the journey of being a parent.  Here is one of my favorites:

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This stage of life my family is in is hard. It's busy. It's chaotic. But when I step back and look at the bigger picture it is clear to me - mom life is the best ife.

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